Thursday, April 8, 2010

Review of Firefighter Ebook/Unit Study

The Old Schoolhouse
When I Grow Up, I want to Be a Firefighter
Wannabe Series
Ages 4-10

"A firefighter? Oh Mommy, I'm too old for this. I already know everything about firemen", exclaimed my 8 year old son.

At first glance, my thoughts were the same. However, upon looking deeper, I was pleased to find a very thorough and meaty unit study.

Within this ebook, there is not only the history of firefighting, but, critical thinking (look at what this house is made of. Would it be wise to build a house with these materials in the desert....), salaries of firemen across the country (made for a great discussion concerning differing costs of living), science activities which include robotics, puzzles, vocabulary, story prompts, math problems, printing and cursive copywork pages and coloring pages for the younger children.

To supplement learning, there is a list of books you can choose to read. I was very pleased that our library had a number of these.

My 8 year old son enjoyed making a "robotic arm" and exploring the live links throughout the ebook.

My 6 year old daughter enjoyed the party games (such as Stop, Drop, Roll and Put Out the Fire), coloring pages and making her own illustrations to the copywork pages.

Even though the math problems and writing prompts were a bit too much for my daughter, they were perfect for my son.

All in all it was an enjoyable and educational way to spend a week and to learn that we didn't know everything about firefighting. This study had something for everyone!

I received this item free of charge in return for an honest review.

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  1. We also did this unit this year! Our son's favorite part was the information on the robotic arm. My son felt he was a little too old for the unit but we had fun checking it out! I think this a fun series for that stage when kids list three or four things they want to do when they grow up!