Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Paddle to the Sea and then some....

Monday was the start of our new school year.  We find it easy to school throughout our blistering hot summer for the simple fact that it is blistering hot!  We take an hour in the early morning to go to the pool, or run errands and then it's indoors until after supper.

Our newest endevour has been a geography study from Beautiful Feet with the books by Holling C. Holling.  I grew up in the Great Lakes area, and reading Paddle to the Sea was a yearly tradition.  So, I was very excited to find this study which utilizes 5 of Holling's wonderful books. 

After reading the first 3 chapters of Paddle to the Sea, we investigated Canadian Geese.  The kids were instructed to draw a picture of one.....My oldest (aka Mr. One Crayon Kid) actually drew a goose and colored it appropriately (Small miracle!), Mr. Art drew a goose on it's mound nest and my colorful little girl drew a plump goose with a pink bill.

She told me it was a girl and I said that I could tell by 'her' pink bill. She then told me, "No Mommy, that's her lipstick"! OF COURSE, I should have known that!

Then the following conversation ensued:

Me: What country do Canadian Geese come from?

Daughter: The United States...

Me: Well...yes, but, where else? Doesn't Canada and CANADIAN Geese sound alike?

Daughter: Well.....<face lights up> I got it! They come from Africa!!!!

Boys proceed to burst out laughing at the thought of African geese!

Note to extra work on geography of Western Hemisphere.....


  1. So cute! You must have such fun teaching your children and watching them learn in their own ways. LOL...and you must get to laugh and smile a lot.

    I am following your blog now and look forward to reading more.


  2. That was really cute. My hat is off to you. I teach in public school. I am now following your blog also.