Thursday, August 19, 2010

Inspiring a Little Girl

Within our home, there are three boys and one girl.  Or more precisely, three boys and one princess.  As you can imagine, one on one time with my daughter is absolutely precious.  The thing my daughter loves to do is to go shopping with me.  Her favorite place to go when she has me all to herself is the Girlie Girl Things Shop. 

At first, I was a little concerned by how much she enjoyed going there.  After all, consumerism isn't the way to happiness.  Besides a wonderful owner who has taken much time to talk with my daughter and wrap her little purchases with the whole 'boutique experience', I finally get why she likes going in there.

First of all, it's not a humongous store -- so she doesn't feel swallowed up.
Second, it's not jam packed with everything under the sun --- so she doesn't feel overwhelmed.
Third, there's no loud music playing --- so she doesn't feel bombarded.

But, most importantly as I watched her look around and around at all the accessories, I realized that she wasn't scheming for her next purchase.  She was BRAIN STORMING about what HER boutique would look like.  What SHE would create to put in HER front window.  She was picturing her future and how she would use the gifts and talents God had given her. 

Yes, she is only 7 and now owns her own little sewing machine.  But I can see that this is start of something bigger.  I can see the *spark* of interest and possibilities --- SHE can see them too.

This blog post was writing on my own whim without any compensation except the distinct pleasure of watching my daughter discover a dream!
For more information on The Girlie Girl Things Shop, visit this link
Girlie Girl Things Shop

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