Friday, September 10, 2010

TOS Crew Math Essentials Review

Math Essentials
4th grade-Algebra

Would you like access to your very own math tutor 24/7 from the comfort of your own home?  Mr. Rick Fisher, who holds a B.A. in Mathematics, would like to help you! 

From the website:
Benefits of America's Math Teacher:

Online access anywhere anytime

Access entire library of courses

Provides great addition to classroom learning

Students learn and master exact topics recommended by the National Math Advisory Panel

Excellent for families with children at different levels

Curriculum spans Grade 4 through Algebra, and Algebra II COMING SOON!

Written exercises ensure practice a necessary part of learning

Resource Center with Glossaries, charts, tables, and more.

Students can work at their own pace and repeat lessons when necessary

Students will master the topics necessary for success in college

Excellent for adults as well as children No fluff or side topics: just good solid instruction

I sampled this website with my 4th and 7th grader.  Right off the bat I could see that this would be a great way to brush off those cob-webs after a long break.

You have the option to choose from  Basic Math, Advanced Math, Pre-Algebra or Algebra.  First, pick a video from the category of choice and sit back while America's Favorite Math Teacher explains the concept while walking you through several problems.  Afterwards, you can download the corresponding work sheet for your child.

This would make a great remediation tool or reinforcement of concepts.  For addition helps, there are also math drills to choose from.

There's also good use of review problems throughout the worksheets.  (A definite plus for any math program!)

As for my 4th and 7th grader, they thought Math Essentials was 'ok'.  They already use a multi-sensory program that they are very happy with.

I would recommend this for struggling students who don't already have an 'audio/video' type math curriculum in force.  Multiple students can utilize it.   However, the price may exclude some from being able to afford this program.
Here's what other crew members had to say.

I received a subscription free of charge in return for an honest review.

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