Wednesday, September 15, 2010

TOS Crew I See Cards - Pyramath Review

Pyramath Cards

K and up

From their website:
Why PyraMath

PyraMath is both easy to learn and to play. PyraMath reinforces basic math, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Fun & learning for all!

Learning through games is definitely our favorite.  PyraMath is a great all-ages card game that helps with math facts, hand eye coordination, speed and language.

Pyramath in Action!
 How to play a basic two player game

The basics of the game are easy.  Deal 7 cards to both players.  Then, lay 5 or 7 cards down face up to begin.  Compare the cards that are touching one another to see if you can use a math function (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division) to form an equation and answer.  For example:  In the top row (or starting row) there is a 0 and a 1.  Using 1+0 or 1- 0 you come up with the solution of 1.  So, if you have a 1 in your hand, you would place is over the middle of the 0 and 1.  When multiplying, if the answer is 2-digit, simply use the units place (or ones place) as your answer (8x4=32, so, if you were comparing and 8 and a 4 card, you could place a 2 card over the middle of the 8 and 4).

If you place a card from your hand, you may go again.  If you are unable to use any cards from your hand, pick one from the draw pile.  Either use it (and then go again) or add it to your hand of cards and your turn is over.

Play progresses until either no more plays can be made (a draw) or one player finishes the pyramid and wins the game.

There are several variations you can play (details are in the instruction booklet and on their website).

My 2nd, 4th and 7th graders all enjoyed this game. We tailored it to their levels.  For my 2nd grader, we utilized addition and subtraction only.  For my 4th grader, we utilized addition, subtraction and multiplication.  For my 7th grader, he ran the full gambit - plus we had a good time doing 'time tests' where we lined up 7 cards and we timed to see how quickly he could make a pyramid.

Each Pyramath card is clearly labeled with English, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, Roman and French numerical translation and symbols.

In addition, I See Cards also makes Fractazmic, Prime Bomb and I See Cards .

We really enjoy playing with these cards and they are priced very reasonably!  I can see more of I See Cards Products in our future! 

Here's what other crew members had to say.

I received this item free of charge in return for an honest review.

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