Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tramatized by Sesame Street?????

Today is my oldest child's birthday.  Twelve years ago he came into the world and into our hearts.  He is a studious child with a good heart and a wacky sense of humor.  We are greatly blessed to have him as our first-born. 

While I was reflecting on his birth, I remembered a funny happening that took place quite a few years ago.  (Well, let me clarify that it wasn't funny at the time....but is now)

When my kids were 7, 4 and 1 1/2 years old I decided it was 'time' to go to see a movie on the big screen.  Since it was summer and the theater was offering free movies, I figured I had nothing to loose.  After choosing "Elmo in Grouchland", we got settled into our seats for this monumental occasion.

I wasn't ready for this diabolical plot.......but,  Elmo's blankie gets stolen.

Uh - Oh !!! I did not see this coming!

Our fun 'big kid' outing had just turned into a total disaster.  Who knew Sesame Street could be so traumatic?

My middle blankie-loving child was hysterically crying.  My littlest blankie-queen's eyes were raining tear buckets.  My oldest non-blankie child was busy heroically trying to calm down his siblings.  After a minute or two, he turns to me and says "Mommy, I just can't stand this anymore...we need to get out of here noooooww!"  I couldn't argue with my 7 year olds' logic...so we leave. 

It took awhile, but, we eventually did go back and see another movie.  This was after much promising that Clifford the Big Red Dog would not have his blankie stolen !

I also made it a point from that day forward to read the reviews to all movies we were going to be watching.

You just never know.....


  1. Lisa- this is so funny and SO TRUE! My kids just saw this movie via Netflix at home...and it bothered both of them. (And let's remember that D is 9 and BK is 5. And neither have a "blankey.") I think Declan even got misty-eyed.

    But I think that's a good thing. It gave us a chance to talk about what we love and how we feel when it goes missing.... a good way of processing real life vicariously through a "safe" medium...after all, we could turn the movie off and the crisis is over.

    Thanks for sharing! -Jenny

  2. Thanks for stopping by to visit Jenny! I often wonder, what happened in that movie ..... but, you are right, it's a good way to talk things over in a safe medium.