Friday, October 22, 2010

TOS Crew BrillKids Little Reader Review

Little Reader
6 months-3 years
$149.99 for 6 month semester.  
$199.99 for a full year

According to the Brill Kids website, 2 Myths Prevail:

That babies cannot learn to read;

That babies do not enjoy being taught to read and would need to be forced in order to learn.
Read more about it at Brill Kids' testimonials page, or simply search for ‘baby reading’ on YouTube.

To read more about the topic of teaching babies to read:

So what is Little Reader?  Ideal for babies and young children, Little Reader is the most effective learning system for teaching your baby or young child to read.

At the heart of Little Reader is a revolutionary software system that delivers lessons in ways never before possible, making learning ENGAGING for your child, and EASY for you.

The Little Reader is a one year curriculum which gradually leads your child from learning single words, to couplets, phrases, sentences and finally full stories.

I had the opportunity to review this program with my 12 month old son.   Each days' lessons are conveniently located in a folder.  Each day consists of two 5 minute sessions.  Preferably one in the morning and the other in the evening.  Recommended to be done 5 days a week.

Lesson types include:
WORD FLASH - Introduces words using flash cards
MULTISENSORY - Puts actions to words
PICTURE FLASH - Fast flash of pictures using words covered

For example:
The first lesson uses the words:  clap, kick, laugh, hair nose, mouth, dog, horse, and bird.

During the 5 minute lesson, these words are utilized in 'Word Flash', 'Multisensory' and 'Picture Flash'. 

The second lesson of day (also 5 minutes in length) is reinforcement of these words - but uses different pictures and voices.

One neat aspect of this program is that you can edit the family category to put pictures of your own family members in place of the generic pictures of family.

Another option is the ability to download more files for your little reader from the Little Reader Library.

CAN babies learn how to read?  I can't answer that one, but, I can tell you that my son seems to
enjoy his little lessons. 

Here's what other crew members are saying.

I received a free subscription in exchange for an honest review.

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