Monday, November 22, 2010

TOS Crew Christian Kids Explore Chemistry Review

Christian Kids Explore Chemistry
Christian Kids Explore Chemistry

Bright Ideas Press
Christian Kids Explore Chemistry
Grades 4-8
Text $34.95
Student Activity Book Download (optional) $12.95

Even though I majored in science, my first exposure to Chemistry wasn't until Freshman year of college.
Let's just say that instead of going off with a 'bang', my experience was a resounding 'thud'!  There was so much information.  Tedious and laborious is how I would label the class.  I barely survived.

So, when I got the chance to pick a selection form Bright Ideas Press to review, I jumped at their Chemistry curriculum.

Christian Kids Explore Chemistry consists of 30 lessons broken down into 5 units:  The Basics of Chemistry, Atoms and Molecules, Nature of Chemistry, State of Matter and Organic Chemistry.  All are written from a Christian perspective.

If you are looking for swashbuckling, loud, explosive experiments - this is not the book for you.  HOWEVER, if you are looking for your child to learn the basics of Chemistry in manageable, bite sized, digestible segments with doable experiments with common household items, then this is perfect. 

Each lesson contains an informational section followed by review questions.  Next is the hands-on portion also followed by thinking questions.  The questions can be done orally, copied from the book or from the student activity download.  At the end of each unit is a multiple choice "Unit Wrap Up" quiz.

We found that we were able to go through each lesson quicker than the 60-90 minutes that the authors suggest.

The authors also put the grade range from 4th - 8th grade.  Based on our experience, I would put it solidly at the 4th-6th grade range.  It was challenging for my 4th grader, but a bit light for my 7th grader, who's a whiz at math and science.  If your 7th or 8th grader struggles with math and science, this may be a good fit for them.

All in all, we enjoyed this curriculum.  Even though we are only through the first unit, I can see that both boys are getting a good foundation in the basics of chemistry.  Not only in learning definitions, but in learning and using the periodic table, writing chemical reactions and much more!

Also included are a listing of enrichment reading books in order by lesson (many of which can be checked out from the library).

Be sure to check out other science curriculum titles in this series.

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I received this item free of charge in exchange for an honest review.

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