Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Of Geology and God

I was preparing for my son's science co-op.  He's in the midst of a mini-Geology unit and I was assigned that week to help with the labs.

Fortunately, I had it covered. I was going to use that coveted Geology degree I had earned so many years ago.

In excitement, I ran to get my books.  Thoughts of landforms, crystal formations, and plate tectonics filled my head.  Oh!  So much to talk about!  So much information I wanted to pass along -- but oh!  Such little time.

I cracked open my ancient lab books and was speechless......2nd degree prisms, pinacoids, geomorphology, rock columns, topography and so on and so forth.

Geology Curriculum Galore!
Geology Curriculum Galore!

It was awe inspiring!

It was spectacular!

It was impressive!

What a beautiful mind!

Wouldn't the kids be impressed and well informed???


Again, I was speechless following my biggest revelation -----

I saw my handwriting.  Yep!  It's mine alright.  But, the subject matter seemed so distant and oh so foreign. Did I really learn ALL of this stuff?

Of Geology and God

I was bummed....

I was stupefied....

I was speechless....again.

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  1. It is amazing how we can see God's truths around us in so many ways. I don't remember learning mineral classification, but I do remember a college biology class where I thought "no" but wasn't brave enough to speak out against the lies being taught.

  2. This is awesome! It is why I am such an avid Rock Hound. It give evidence of what we know. I tried to find a link, but couldn't quickly of the Ghost Forest that was uncovered this week south of Newport. The recent article talked of how they are 4,000 year old - where they get fact - but then they offer a fictional reason - and one close to the Flood Story - but they never use the word Flood. History and Science is just so much more easier to understand if you put it in context with the Bible. :)