Monday, November 29, 2010

We journeyed with Minn on the Mississippi!

Minn of the Mississippi Map - Mississippi River Map
Minn of the Mississippi Map - Mississippi River Map

We've finished up our journey with a lovable, three-legged snapping turtle named Minn.  From Lake Itasca (the headwaters) to the Gulf of Mexico we traveled  2,552 miles learning all about snapping turtles, geography, industry along the mighty Mississippi, Cajuns, Explorers and my favorite - glaciers!!!

Snapping Turtle Research Books
Snapping Turtle Research Books

Instead of keeping a plain old book of information, each child made their own Minn.  Within their Minn 'book' are pages of information on how turtles lay their eggs, locks, mound builders, explorers, differences in watercraft and glaciers.

We've enjoyed our journey through Geography with Holling C. Holling.  The break from regularly scheduled History was refreshing.  The kids are ready to jump back into Tapestry of Grace Year 2 for some medieval studies!

As I type, they are preparing salt maps.......


  1. Can we see inside the notebooks? I need some inspiration!

    1. Hi Julie! Thank you for visiting! These were done a couple of years ago and have been packed away in storage. I can tell you that they just contained whatever we would have written down in a plain old notebook. It was just more fun to write it in a fun shape.

      The guide we used for this study is from Beautiful Feet Books entitled Geography with Holling C. Holling.