Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Five Year Look Back on Cross-Country Move. Was it Worth it?

Was it the best move we ever made or the worst?

Both and neither!

Five years ago we sat in high expectation about what a cross-country move would mean for our lives and our future.  We were so hopeful and yet guarded about what may lay around the corner.  So, with the Lord's blessing we ventured into the unknown.

There have been pluses and minuses in almost every aspect.

While the employment didn't pan out exactly as we thought, Hubby does have the freedom he's always wanted in witnessing while at work.  He has shared the Gospel of Jesus to countless people - many of which have responded by giving their lives to Christ.  This is a blessing!

Our housing situation didn't turn out as we thought either.  Going from 3400 sq feet down to 1200 wasn't easy.  But it did show us what's really important and what you really need to live.  We now own what we live in outright.  This is a blessing!

We prayed fervently to move into an area that was strong in homeschooling.  We got that!  Nearly 5 years ago I walked into my first Mom's Night Out hosted by our church's support group at a local restaurant, found a large group of ladies, introduced myself and was welcomed into the fold despite my squirrely quirks.  Their children welcomed my children as well.  Now I did not wonder if we'd have the support to homeschool all the way through high school.  This is a blessing!

I have missed graduations, the birth of my first grand-nephew and the passing of my father.  I wonder if all of this is really worth my children's missing out on a relationship with their grandparents and the empty space that should be filled with extended family.  In this way, I have grown to have a greater appreciation for my family.  To cherish past memories and enjoy new ones to the fullest extent.  This is a blessing!

So --- which is it?  The best or worst decision we've ever made?  It depends on whether you choose to see the glass half-empty or half-full.  It depends on whether or not you choose to believe and rest in the will of God and the direction He has given you for your life!

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