Saturday, December 11, 2010

Wrapping up week #2 - Byzantine Empire

Mosaics - Byzantine Empire
Mosaics .... can't get a shot w/out glare.

"Hey Mom, I finished reading Al-A-Deen."


"You know, Al-A-Deen.  The book you gave me to read."


"Here, this one."

"Oh, Aladdin <chuckling>"

We spent a few days reading some of Aladdin (my oldest read it on his own).  After a few stories, my middle and younger children decided unanimously that the stories were a bit too much for them and requested something with a more mild tone.  I happily complied.

Moving on...we discovered Attila the Hun (I don't know if this qualifies as more mild!), the Visigoth Kings and Justinian the Great Emperor of the Byzantines.  Afterwards we set to work studying architecture and art of this period.   Did you know that round halos around a subjects head meant they were holy figures that had already passed on...and if they had a square halo it meant that the subject was still alive when the picture was created. 

The resulting hands-on:  Justinian and Theodora, The Haggia Sofia and the above mosaics.

Justin and Theodora plus The Hagia Sofia
Justin and Theodora plus The Hagia Sofia
Justin and Theodora plus The Hagia Sofia

Next week we begin our study of Islam.

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  1. I like your mosaics. I think that was the favorite activity around here as well. Thanks for sharing your week. Blessings.