Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Case of the Missing Mountain Book Review!

The Case of the Missing Mountain
Mystery Rangers!

 Is your elementary aged child ready to become a Mystery Ranger?  

If they are curious about the world around them, like learning about volcanoes, solving puzzles and seeing spectacular photos, I'd say "yes"!

A mountain is missing!

Your mission:
Find out how it could have disappeared to earn your Mystery Ranger Badge.

* First, visit the  Nature Tour website to download your checklist and see other activities.
* Second, solve all seven mysteries.
* Third,  complete at least two missions from the Ranger Mission List.
* Lastly, complete at least two Rockin' Ranger Activities.

Join Ranger Jack and Jen as they take you on a tour of Mt. St. Helen's showing the evidence for a young Earth while you solve word puzzles, decipher codes, and wander through mazes.  You'll learn about the 1980 eruption, pyroclastic and mudflows, badlands, rock layers, petrification, water erosion and recolonization.

Case of the Missing Mountain  is an 80 page book about Mt. St. Helen's written from a Young Earth/Creationist perspective.  The information provided is easy enough for the youngest of Rangers to understand without being too simplistic for your older crew.  Broken down into bite-sized bits, it is readily retained.

I adventured through this book with my 7th, 4th and 2nd graders.  Like my oldest, I knew many of the facts - but not as they pertain to a Young Earth Theory.  We both loved the pictures supporting these tidbits.

My 4th grader got a lot out of the book especially in the area of relating what happened during the formation  of canyons from the mudflows on Mt. St. Helen's with the carving of the Earth during Noah's flood.  (and also relating it to the Grand Canyon).  He was able to figure out the puzzles without help.  He also enjoyed working on a chapter at a time on his own and then coming together to discuss it.

My 2nd grader needed help to do the puzzles, giving us some Mother-Daughter time as well.  She focused more on the pictures and the interpretation of them than the boys did.  Being my animal lover, she really enjoyed the chapter on Recolonization. 

At the end of each of the 7 Mystery Sections, two experiments (Rockin' Ranger Activities) are given.  For the most part, these utilize common items and are easy enough to do.

My kids each choose Volcano-on-the-Go and Crazy Color Cliff in order to earn their badges.

Since we are a 'geology oriented' household, we've done plenty of building our own volcanoes and 'setting' them off.  But, we've never done one in the bath tub.  The directions say to use only 1/2 cup baking soda....but, seeing no harm in it, I let them experiment and choose how much to use.  Let's just say that it was the most fun, bubbly mess that led to a sparkling clean bath tub that we've ever had!!!!

Forming the volcano - baking soda and vinegar
Forming the volcano.

baking soda and vinegar volcano
Bubble, fizzle, clean fun!

Kids love volcanoes
You are never too young to appreciate a volcano!

We also tried the "Crazy Color Cliff" with colored sand.  This one shows rock layers, pyroclastic flow and if done correctly, an angular unconformity.  One note of caution.....thinking that this would be a messy project, I moved our laboratory to the back porch.  Glass jars filled with sand do not hold up when dropped on cement.  <sigh>  We will be doing this one over!

The author, Kim Jones, is formerly a guide at The Mt. St. Helen's Seven Wonders Museum.  I really like how she presents all the evidence throughout the book, allowing for kids and doubting Thomas's alike to form an opinion of the evidence in its concrete form.  Beyond the last chapter, the reader is shown how the evidence observed at Mt. St. Helen's makes a strong case for a world wide flood as written in the Bible.  Scriptural references are listed and an invitation to be saved from the ultimate danger, not knowing Jesus, is presented.

For your older student (and for yourself!) be sure to check out another Mt. St. Helen's gem from Master Books, Footprints in the Ash.

I received this item free of charge in exchange for an honest review.


  1. Thanks for the review. This is a book I will consider when we study earth science next year.

  2. Great Tamara! I know you and your kids will enjoy this book!

  3. Wow! What a fantastic and creative review! I loved your comments, the pictures, and the humor you presented in your review! (Sorry about the broken sand art!) (: I would love to use your pictures on the Mystery Ranger's Fun Zone on If your kids would like their names mentioned, they can pick a Mystery Ranger name to keep their real names private. Just let me know. If not, that's totally fine too! If you would like to have the pictures on the Mystery Ranger site, leave a comment on the Mystery Ranger Fun Zone. I'll keep the comment private.

    Thanks so much!

    In Christ,

    Kim Jones

  4. Mystery Ranger Joe, Ranger Hamburger, Ranger Princess and Ranger Bubbly, thank you so much for sharing your pictures! You may now see them on the Mystery Ranger Fun Zone at

    Thanks so much! Have a wonderful day!

    In Christ,

    Kim Jones

  5. Can't wait to try this with mine :) Looks like a fun book. Thanks for letting us know about it :)