Thursday, January 13, 2011

Raising Maidens of Virtue Book Review!

Raising Maidens of Virtue
Bible Study for Your 12-18 year old Daughters

In preparation for my daughter's teen years, I wanted to review Raising Maidens of Virtue .  I figured *she* needs it.  It will be good for *her* to help *her* fulfill the will of God in *her* life and help with *her* walk with the Lord.  Little did I know what an impact it would make on *ME* and how much *I* needed this book.

Raising Maidens of Virtue is 'geared' toward 12-18 year olds.  But, honestly, I believe women of all ages can benefit from this book - especially if they didn't grow up in a household where fulfilling God's will over worldly achievements was stressed.  I think a good majority of us can fall into this category.

The author, Stacy McDonald, recommends this book be used by mothers and daughter or by mature Godly women and the young ladies they are mentoring.  Other suggestions are also given in order to get the most out of this 19 chapter study.

You may be asking yourself,  what is a maiden?  Is it some out-dated word for a pious, unmarried girl in a long flowing dress or is it a female who celebrates the creation God molded her to be and rests in the joy of following His call on her life regardless of what the world says?

From the book:

As our young maidens journey through life, they will meet many different people and hear a myriad of strange doctrines and teachings.  Our daughters must know what they believe and why they believe it, or they will find themselves "tossed to and fro" with every new philosophy that comes along (Ephesians 4:14).  They must learn to search the Scriptures, under the protection and guidance of their God-given authorities, and discover for themselves the beautiful picture of womanhood presented in God's word.

Through stories, allegories, conversational teaching and illustrations, Raising Maidens of Virtue covers topics such as guarding the tongue, jealousy, idleness, sibling relationships, honoring parents, contentment, modesty, femininity, purity, cleanliness, deportment, trust and biblical beauty.

Much more than a fill-in-the-blank Bible study, Raising Maidens of Virtue is a tool for mothers to use in training their young maidens to think biblically.

I found so many valuable teachings on raising our own maidens with a generational view - to equip them not only for their own survival, but, for the generations that will come from our daughters.  The author does not belittle post-high school education.  She makes a very important point that the education should be glorifying to God and not ourselves.   Training should not be just academic, but in serving others, learning to be content where God has placed you and learning important life skills.

In a world where girls are raised and praised to be 'hotties' (or even worse),  the author seeks not only to show you scriptually how to be the maiden God created you to be, but gives you examples of how she accomplished this with her own girls.

 More from the book concerning modesty:
"Modesty is not only how much flesh we expose or what we choose to wear.  It is also how we speak and how we carry ourselves.  It truly is a condition of the heart." (1 Peter 3:3-5)

From one of my favorite chapters, Tinkling Feet:
"The Impure Facade.  The problem is that we have mimicked the world for so long-copying their fashions, borrowing their educational and social philosophies, conforming to their dating format, and adopting their dialect - that we do not even realize we have lost our Christian identity.  We've been wearing the costume and speaking the language of the world for so long that we don't even recognize ourselves anymore.  Dearly beloved, I beseech you as strangers and pilgrims, abstain from fleshly lusts, which war against the soul;  Having your conversation honest among the Gentiles:  that, whereas they speak against you as evildoers, they may by your good works, which they shall behold, glorify God in the day of visitation.  (1Peter 2:11-12)"

The author then goes on to talk about what true beauty is AND reinforces that scripture does not tell us that pretty clothes are sinful.  Being prideful, covetous or using our beauty for wickedness is sinful.

This is a beautiful, heart probing, heaven focused study.  The analogies are thought provoking,  the examples purposeful and the mother-daughter prayers powerful.   Raising Maidens of Virtue was not only eye-opening for me, but heart-opening as well.  It wasn't until my third child was born that I became content in my calling.  This is one book I wished I had read when I was a young maiden.  Fortunately, I am blessed to have a few more years in which to read and re-read this book until I have the wonderful pleasure of going through it with my own young maiden.

I received this book free of charge in exchange for an honest review.


  1. Great review and thanks so much for sharing! I have been looking for something to go through with my daughter too. I think I will try this book.

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  3. Thanks for stopping by Cassie! I know you and your daughter will be blessed by this book!