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TOS Crew Easy Classical - Early Modern History Schedule Review

Easy Classical - Early Modern History Schedule

Easy Classical
Early Modern History Schedule (Explorers to 1815)
Notebook version $35.95
Digital version $29.95

Are you teaching multiple grades and are interested in providing a classical education for your family with an easy to follow schedule and lots of options?  Then check out Easy Classical.  They publish schedules, resources, writing guides, copybooks and geography curriculum for the eras of:  Old Testament/Ancient Egyptian, New Testament/Greece/Rome, Middle Ages/Renaissance/Reformation, Early Modern, Modern and State History.

For this review, I will be commenting on Early Modern History (Explorers to 1815).

From their website:
Easy Classical Early Modern History Schedule includes 36 week-long schedules plus 45+ pages of charts, sheets, and helps that will enhance your child's learning. Each week's lesson has review questions with answers, and quizzes included with each lesson. This schedule also includes a shopping list for the next day, as well as detailed instructions on how to use the schedules and the books you purchase.

The schedule itself is well laid out, flexible and easy to follow.  The curriculum utilizes real/living books that correspond with the time period being studied.  These need to be purchased separately or borrowed from the library.

At initial glance, most of the reading is scheduled for Monday.  But with a few strokes of a pencil, this can be easily adapted for your family's needs.  There are also lists for additional books that can be read.  In my opinion, K-6th is quite a big spread and lumping all the books into the same category is confusing.  I would like to see the listing of books broken down into K-3rd and 4th-6th.

Easy Classical recommends using History Pockets for doing hands-on activities.  Since not everyone is into this sort of lapbooking, it would be good to note that many other hands-on opportunities can be found within the Story of the World student activity book (which is Easy Classical's chief spine).

All in all this is an affordable schedule for history.  If we were not already using a multi-level, K-12 grade curriculum, I would give Easy Classical a try in our household.

Easy Classical also offers add-ons for: CopyworkGeography, Writing and Science.

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I received this schedule free of charge in exchange for an honest review.

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