Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Drawbridge down, Portcullis up, Visitors Welcomed ! Weekly Wrap Up....

Long awaited, the work on the CASTLES are done!

Completed paper mache castle!
 There's still some debate over the drawing of bricks, but, for the most part it's finished!   Arrow slits were first made cutting into the castle, but changed to using white strips of paper after the paint and paper mache began cracking.

Completed paper mache castle! Barracks
The Barracks

Completed paper mache castle! The Keep
The Keep

Completed paper mache castle! Noble Watchman
Noble Watchman!

Completed paper mache castle! An invader
The Bubbly Blue Invader - fortunately the many layers of paper mache hold up under the most rigorous play!

Brickle Bricks
Ever buy something that looks soooo cool that you think your kids will LOVE building with it?  I bought this thinking  this would be fun to actually build with bricks and mortar.

'Minstrel in the Tower'!
Well.....doesn't come close to the picture ---- it's more like the castle ruins in 'Minstrel in the Tower'!

'Minstrel in the Tower'!
Fortunately, after all the building is done, the mortar dissolves easily in water and the bricks can be put away.

We are winding down on the middle ages....one last project we have planned is making at least one time period costume.

We are moving on toward the Reformation!!


  1. Looks like so much fun!!! We're starting the Middle Ages next year, and I can't wait!!! Hope our castle holds up to the 3 toddlers we'll have by then... ;-)

  2. Your papier-mache castle turned out great! I have some boys looking over my shoulder who want to build one now!

    The brick building set does look like it would be fun from the box...too bad it didn't live up to expectations. It's so annoying when that happens!

  3. Kristi - it's amazing how strong multiple layers of paper mache can be! (we had so many layers that it took forever to dry!)

    Jenny - have fun building yours :-)

  4. Looks awesome Lisa!! Tell the kids great job! Love the Blue Bubble invader too!

  5. These look like a blast to do! I'll have to keep these in mind when we get to the middle ages. No toddlers around here any more to have real invaders :(