Monday, February 21, 2011

Goal Planning Monday!

Goal Planning Monday

I always write down a weekly to-do list, but, don't always get it done.  I figured that participating in a weekly meme hosted by Mama Manuscripts would help hold me accountable!

This is my second week participating and last week didn't go too shabby ---  I accomplished most of my goals,

This weeks goals:

1) Deliver outgrown boys' clothes to another Mother who's expecting soon. (This is a hold over from last week)

2) Take items from 'Toss 25 items' to Goodwill.

3) Now that bedroom is cleaned and reshuffled start to use treadmill -- at least twice this week.

4)  Write reviews for Math Rider and How the Scots Saved Christendom

5)  Read the other 'goal planning' entrants on Katrina's blog ;-)

6) Meal plan for the whole month of March

7)  Sew at least one night with my daughter.

8)  Continue to blog everyday through the month of February.

That's seems like a reasonable to get to it!


  1. I want to blog every day but do not get to it. Why is life so busy?

    Exercise? Yes, I would like to do that more, too. LOL.

    Life? Oh, I have been able to do that every day...and I am hoping that God lets me continue for a long time!

  2. One of my goals is to blog daily, too. I figure if the kids need daily writing practice, it couldn't hurt me. ;-) Can't wait to read your reviews!

  3. I didn't blog AT ALL this week. I'm actually only getting to check in on Goal Planning Monday now! I hope you are having a good week.

    I loved your toss 25 FAVORITE thing to do is to donate and simplify my if it would only stay that way!

    Have a good weekend!

  4. I am doing a big sort and toss this weekend. I echo Mama's sentiment,"if it would only stay that way!" And I live alone. ;)

    I am looking forward to reading your book reviews. Maybe they are already up; I haven't checked your main blog yet.

    Wonderful idea to write a menu for the month. I know when I do that, I tend to eat better and spend less.