Friday, February 18, 2011

Toss out 25 Things!

I recently saw a post about 'Tossing Out 25 Things' on the Raising Homemakers Blog and it inspired me to try it in my own home!  We live in a very small house and with 4 kids we have an abundance of 'stuff'.  I gave my three oldest the 'challenge' and, this is what our kitchen table looked like.   Here's our 75 things (25 x 3 kids) that will either be tossed out or donated.  Not bad for one hour worth of work!

Think we will make this a monthly happening!

Toss out 25 things
Remarkable how 'stuff' accumulates!!!!


  1. Wow!
    I need to do a lot of that for a neater house.

  2. We need to do it ALOT more often over here too!

  3. Stuff certainly accumulates here too and I don't have any kids!

    25 things, eh? I'm up for that challenge......