Monday, March 14, 2011

Goal Planning Monday - March 14

Goal Planning Monday
It's time for Goal Planning Monday hosted by Katrina of Mama Manuscripts.

Participating in this meme has been wonderful in holding me accountable!  Before I post my goals for next week, I'll going to review last week:

Concentrating on the POSITIVES:  I did better on getting to bed early, finished my review of Reading Kingdom, How to Building a Winning Curriculum and Our Created Moon .  I also visited the other 'Goal Planning' participants and did the TOS Review Crew Blog Walk

Due to life happening, we didn't get to our weekend goals of trying our hand at making a Batik, 2 different Art Projects and 2 Science projects....but, we did get to Dinosaur World :-)  Sometimes flexible is the way to be!!!
This week:

1) Wean completely off caffeine (I'm almost there)
2)  Get up earlier.

3)  Continue with our Weekly Wrap ups and get to that Batik project.

4) Get to bed consistently by 10:30

5)  Finish review of Apologia and continue working on other review items. 

6) Read through all the Goal Planning Monday entrants.


  1. Ooh...weaning. When my hubby gave up caffeine, he did it cold turkey. That was last July. Yay! You will be able to do it, too. 8^)

    I think that I saw that you finished that review, so good for you there, too.

    Make it a fantastic week!

  2. One of my goals should be to look at all the amazing projects you post on your blog (have I told you lately that I want to homeschool at your house? *lol*) I want to be more hands on with the kids but I just can't seem to figure it out with the baby!

    Have a lovely week, my friend!