Monday, March 21, 2011

Goal Planning Monday - March 21

Goal Planning Monday

It's been another crazy week here at 'The Circus'.  One things is for sure, life with a toddler is never boring.  My house is constantly being arranged and where things turn up is certainly a surprise!

It's time for Goal Planning Monday hosted by Katrina of Mama Manuscripts.

Participating in this meme has been wonderful in holding me accountable!  Before I post my goals for next week, I'll going to review last week:

I am down to a very small amount of caffeine and don't think I'll be drinking it tomorrow at all.  I've managed to get to bed earlier and get up earlier as well. Got to that Batik Project and finished my review of Who is God.  I believe I read through and commented on the other 'goal' participants.

This week:

1) Wake up before the rest of "The Circus' to have my quiet time.

2)  Get on the treadmill 3 times.

3)  Organize our gazillion books and start an index of them.

4) Continue to go to bed consistently by 10:30

5)  Finish review of Aesop's Fables, and Artisitic Pursuits and continue working on other review items. 

6) Read through all the Goal Planning Monday entrants.

7) Keep up with other Gals on the Christian Blog Crawl


  1. Hi there! I like your goal number 7! LOL

    I am going to participate in this as soon as I figure out how to do it!! ;)

  2. hmmm... your ghoals put mine to shame. Mine are too general: "work on VBS, Work on Week of HOpe" I should be more specific and measurable.

  3. Ooh, goal 7 looks neat. I should check it out. Hehe. JK. aricketts, if you want to email me at, so can help you...or Lisa can help you.