Monday, March 28, 2011

Goal Planning Monday-March 28

Goal Planning Monday
It's time for Goal Planning Monday hosted by Katrina of Mama Manuscripts.

It's been another crazy week here at 'The Circus'.  I've come to the realization once again that I'm not supermom and had to humbly withdraw from a Christian Blog Crawl I was a participant in.

Participating in this meme has been wonderful in holding me accountable!  Before I post my goals for next week, I'll going to review last week:

Well....I did start indexing our Ancient History books, I finished my review of Brill Kids-Aesop's Fables
and ARTistic Pursuits , read through the other goal participants as well.  I did horribly on excercise and rising early.

This week:

1) Wake up before the rest of "The Circus' to have my quiet time.

2)  Get on the treadmill 3 times.

3)  Continue organizing our gazillion books and index of them.

4)  Finish review of Evan Moor Geography and Zeezok and continue working on other review items. 

6) Read through all the Goal Planning Monday entrants.

7) Begin formation of next school years' schedule complete with scheduled Sabbath Weeks.  We are already registered at co-op with everyone getting their first choices (yea!)


  1. I love to wake early before my crew but it rarely actually happens, Good Luck with that goal, and all the others.

  2. This is my spring break from piano so I'm enjoying a slower pace this week in school. Trying to get some extra things done with the little one. The CBC has gotten to be a lot to keep up with- 9 blogs. Do't know if I can do that every day. 2 of them are coupon type blogs and I really don't have much to comment on for those.... we'll see. I enjoy reading, just don't know about doing all 9 every day.

  3. I too am visiting all the Goal Planning Monday entrants though it was not on my goal list. I am also logging books into a book collector software. And, though I am not working on my schedule for next year I am working on the books we will need.

    Good luck on your goals for the week.