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TOS Crew ARTistic Pursuits Review!

Artistic Pursuits Book 3
Artistic Pursuits
ARTistic Pursuits
Modern Painting and Sculpture (Book 3)
Grades: K-3

I have been challenged in the area of Art with my 7 year old daughter.  She is artistic, I am not.  She seems to create out of thin air - I need a pre-made kit.

As I posted yesterday regarding this topic, you can understand my frustration at not being able to guide her in this area of talent.

When I got ARTistic Pursuits, I was VERY excited until I saw the price.  $42.95!  Wow, that's a lot of money!!!  Would I really pay that much for an elective for my young daughter?  Please read on...

From their website:

The ARTistic Pursuits approach to teaching art is a welcome departure from typical art instruction books. This award winning homeschool art program meets the specific needs of homeschoolers at home. A variety of fun art lessons teach both the expressive and technical aspects of art while allowing children to make choices about what and how they will draw, paint, and sculpt.

  • Preschool children enjoy kids art activities that encourage exploration of art materials and their world.
  • Kindergarten and Elementary art instruction combines art history with hands-on art projects.
  • Middle School and High School art students learn about artists, art history, and art techniques in both drawing instruction and painting instruction.

Books at the K-3 level introduce children to the visual arts and view art through history. Colorful illustrations, art appreciation, and projects designed for young hands and minds delight students and appeal to their interests. Non-consumable. One set serves your entire family!

*Written to the student - NO teacher preparation is needed

*Complete art history - Examining works of the Great Masters

*32 projects in each book include drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, and more!

*Easy organized system for handling materials

*Sharp color images printed on bright heavy-weight paper, soft bound

We had the pleasure of reviewing Modern Painting and Sculpture.

From their website regarding this specific book:
This book is sure to delight children as they explore ideas of modern art with all its varied techniques. Focus is given to artworks that influenced our culture and to artists who shared positive, creative messages in their art, making this a perfect introduction to modern art for young children. Those that love to get their hands into things will love the emphasis on sculpture as and art form. Traditional methods of sculpting are introduced as children model, carve, and construct, as well as working with new inventions of the 20th century: assemblages, mobiles, land art, and computer art.

This curriculum is organized differently from other art books.  I absolutely love that it is chronological.  I like to study history in a neat fashion and ARTistic Pursuits makes it so easy to tuck these lessons into our timeline giving art extra meaning.

How's the actual program? Outside of having the materials present to do the lesson, there's no prep work.  Each lesson has an explanation or background information section for you to read aloud with your child.  (Below is Lesson 5 Pissarro Paints Bright Colors from the book as an example.  Our art work from this lesson follows after the review)


Next a detailed explanation of the technique and the assignment.  Another thing I love -- they show a picture of the project as done by an experienced artist and then a picture as created by an elementary student.  YES!  Just what we BOTH need to see!

Stamp with dabs and dashes
Stamp with dabs and dashes

I am so thoroughly pleased with ARTistic Pursuits that I would GLADLY shell out the money for the rest of the elementary series, plus venture into the upper elementary level for my 4th grader.  The only thing I would change is that it would be very helpful to have a break down of materials needed per week at the beginning of the book.  This way, for those of us on a tight budget, it would make it easier to see what is absolutely necessary to purchase ahead of time.

This was an absolute pleasure to review.  Please check out more of this curriculum here.  They do a wonderful job of showing Lessons 10 and 19 in their entirety.

Below are projects from Homeschool Circus Lessons 1-5:

Lesson 1 - Impressionist Painting and Sculpture (You Paint with Gouache!)

A Portrait of Mommy
A Portrait of Mommy

Lesson 2 - Paris - City of Change (You Make Color Wheel)

Color Wheel
After seeing how much fun his sister was having, my 4th grader wanted to get in on the adventure! (Color Wheel)

Lesson 3 - Monet Studies Light (You Make a Series of Paintings!)

Monet Studies Light
Painting a tree was a bit tricky for my daughter.  Shown are Winter and Summer. (Monet)
Lesson 4 - Renior Paints Beautiful People (You Blend to Make Soft Edges!)

Renior Paints Beautiful People
Learning how to draw and shade with pastels.  A good challenge for my daughter.  After a second try, she opted not to color in the grass and sky.  Using the smooth side of watercolor paper works better than printer paper ;-) (Renoir)

Lesson 5 - Pissarro Paints Bright Colors (You Stamp Dabs and Dashes!)

Fall - My 2nd grader (Pissarro)
Fall - My 2nd grader (Pissarro)

Fall - My 4th grader (Pissarro)
Fall - My 4th grader (Pissarro)

We are all looking forward to future lessons using ARTistic Pursuits!

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I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review


  1. This looks like an amazing Art series. I absolutely love the last two photos. I would frame those and hang them. You could start your own art gallery! :)

  2. That does look fun. I can see how you would really enjoy that. The more that I learn, the more that I am excited about learning WITH Boy. I am curious: How much of their projects do you save and how much do you dispose of?

  3. I wonder if they sell the materials and supplies kit to go along with this. I am the type of person who, if I don't have everything already, will not do the project. I won't go to three stores to buy stuff.

  4. Dawnmarie - it all depends on what it is and how much you have room could always take pictures and then have them made into a book.

    Jennyfer - Yes, they do sell kits on their website :-)

    Annemarie - Thanks for stopping by :-)

  5. Ohhh! This looks awesome! My 8 year old would love this! I'm going to have to look into because it might be a great "class" for our homeschool co-op too.

    This is Reagan by the way from House of Collums with the CBC!