Monday, April 4, 2011

TOS Crew Go Go Kabongo! Review

Go Go Kabongo
Ages 4-7
Free access to Laughter Lake habitat
$4.95 each for access to  Galaxy Gardens and Twister Top habitats

From the website:
Explore a fantastical world where surprises hide around every corner and skating is a way of life with GoGo Kabongo's free online learning games!
Twister Top
Go Go Kabongo

Play Challenging Learning Games for Kids

Fun, educational children’s games will build confidence and stay challenged with auto-leveling games that advance at your child's pace. Discover three different games in each habitat, each with six levels.

Solve Exiting Mini-Quests

As kids play the reading games online they will go on boundless mini-quests for fun-loving characters you meet along the way.

Explore Fantastical Habitats

Discover gags, treasure hunts and surprises as you skate through wild Kabongo habitats.

Create Your Own Character

Become one of the Kabongo gang by customizing and playing as your own fun character. Choose your head, body and your wheels!

Decorate Your Tree House

Fill your tree house with cool collectables you earn as you play.

Make Your Own Comic Book

Earn stickers by playing free online learning games, then use them to create your own comic book. Make a story by adding pictures and audio bubbles to customizable scenes.

Build and Ride In Your Own Custom Skate Park

Earn ramps and connectors and use them to build the skate park of your dreams.

Parent Dashboard

Registered parents can access activity reports on their child's in-game progress and discover skill-building activities to try at home.

Explore these reading games for kids online. Your kids will love these fun, educational games so much they won’t even know they’re learning!

Upon sitting down with my 7 year old daughter to review this site, my first reaction is that it would be perfect for a household where skateboarding/skaters are encouraged.  I wasn't please with the choice of disturbing creatures and their many eyeballs, tongues hung out of mouths, displays of 'cartoon' skulls on clothing and sarcastic humor.  I didn't vocalize my feelings, but, allowed my daughter to play on.  It wasn't too long before she'd had enough too.

During our "tour", we did manage to see Twister Top, Laughter Lake and Comic Book Maker.   The games include skills such as:  identification of colors (Scuba Dude), listening comprehension (Going Buggy), size recognition (Critter Sizer), shape sequencing (Design a Door), letter sounds (Dessert Dash), direction manipulation/word building (Crazy Maze), letter order (Rocket Racer), object recognition (Photo Safari), and pattern/shape recognition (Robo Bobo). After successfully answering problems throughout the games section, the user is rewarded with the choice of an item that will go to build his/her room, skate park or a comic book. 

While the intention of the games may be fun and educational, the characters and their humor was anything but.  Due to this, and the fact that the creatures disturbed my daughter's sleep giving her bad dreams, we will not be playing Go Go Kabongo in our home.

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I received a free subscription in exchange for an honest review.

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