Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What's an Analytical, Artistically Challenged Mom to do with a Creative Kid?

I have a wonderfully creative 7 year old daughter who definitely sees the world differently....

Vibrant horse painting
Vibrant horse painting
Who knew horses could be so vibrant?  This is a color by number kit with momma and baby horse.  Don't tell anyone, but, my daughter changed things up a bit    ;-)

Zebra stripped 'gun'
Zebra stripped 'gun'
A neighbor's dad cut this 'gun' from wood.  My daughter asked if she could paint it.  I said "sure" figuring she'd slap some brown or black paint on it.  I should have known she'd go for something original --- zebra stripes with a touch of hot pink for the trim!
Untitled creation made w/colored wood pieces and pipe cleaners.
Untitled creation made w/colored wood pieces and pipe cleaners.....

After my oldest spent days putting this wooden house together (with a whole slew of pieces and no instructions!) My daughter set to painting it.  Over a three day period we saw the multi-color development of quite a house that only she could image!!!!
Painted Wooden House
So what's an analytical, artistically challenged parent to do with such budding (or should I say bursting) creativity????

For one - I just let her go and let her create.  If she had her way, she'd do it around the clock.  She has a knack for finding creative uses for the most ordinary things.  I stock our craft cart with as many different 'craft/art' items as I can.


Two --- visit tomorrow as I share a review for an absolutely wonderful art curriculum that has blessed both my daughter and myself!


  1. She IS creative! What a fun and colorful life you must lead together. Good for her for "going with it" and making fun out of anything. 8^)

  2. Oh my goodness! That house is amazing- both in construction and in decoration! Creative kids give our grey and white worlds much color. Enjoy!!

  3. Your daughter reminds me so much of mine. My daughter loves to create also. My son thinks that's the neatest gun.