Thursday, April 14, 2011

Life of John Knox Book Review!

Life of John Knox
Life of John Knox
Originally published in 1833, Attic Books' recent reprinting of Life of John Knox includes charming torn edged pages that add to the feel of reading a classic.  This book is a wonderful collection of vignettes great for high school - adult reading OR as a read aloud to the junior high aged crowd.

Prior to the birth of the Reformation hero John Knox, this book goes into some background history of Christianity in Scotland starting with the arrival of the gospel and the birth of the Culdees, the tainted 'religion' of the papacy and the martyrdom of John Resley, Paul Craw, Patrick Hamilton and Walter Mill.

Born in 1505, John Knox grew in the love and knowledge of Jesus as his Savior as he studied the writing of the "ancient fathers" Jerome and Augustine.  He saw the difference in doctrine and their continual references to scripture as contrary to what was happening within the papal church.

During his lifetime, Knox spoke unabashedly bold against the false doctrines of the day.  His fervor did not diminish even after being imprisoned for 19 months.  Upon his release, he continued to speak all the more fearlessly.  When he was brought before representatives of the papacy, he defended his opinions:
"With a strength of reasonery which so silenced his adversaries, that he was allowed to continue his ministry without further interruption."
During the reign of Bloody Mary it was a time of great persecution of the Protestants.  Knox continues his fierce stance on the gospel, preaching against heresies and even helps to translate the Geneva Bible.

Starting in Chapter 7, great exchanges are noted between Knox and Queen Mary.  Amazingly he volleys with an earthly figure who has the 'ability' to take his life with brutal honesty all from the Word of God.  Oh to be a fly on those walls!!

Knox says to Queen Mary:
"God forbid that I should ever command any to obey me, or set subjects at liberty to do whatever they please;  my desire is, that both princes and subjects may obey God."

Though bounties on his head, inquisitions by the papacy and even a trial for treason, God's hand of protection is seen on His humble servant who lives to a ripe age of 67 dying of natural causes.

I received this book free of charge in exchange for an honest review.


  1. Ooh, this really makes me want to read this book... great review :)

  2. Thanks Debra - that's a compliment every reviewer wants to hear :-)