Monday, May 23, 2011

Goal Planning Monday - May 23

Goal Planning Monday

It's time for Goal Planning Monday hosted by Katrina of Mama Manuscripts!

This week is a blur from Wednesday on....before everything went haywire, I did manage to get to some of my goals. 

Finally made a reservation for myself for a beginners sewing class (yeah!).  Finished reviews for: Mad Dog Math, Marvels of Creation: Breathtaking Birds, Story of The Pledge of Allegiance ,  and Word Qwerty!  (Phew!)

I labeled all homeschool curriculum I had to sell....and out of 3 boxes, I only brought home 1/4 of 1 box that didn't sell.  (Yipee!)

I visited the other Goal Planning Entrants and left comments.

For this week:

1.  Finishing prepping for next year and post our curriculum choices. (A hold over from last week) And pick up our newly laminated American Girl posters from Office Max - this is a little tidbit of the curriculum we'll be using for my daughter next year.

2.  Watch portion sizes more carefully AND transition to a plant based diet.

3.  Get ready for FPEA Convention.

4.  Work on reviews for Considering God's Creation, and Read for the Heart.  (My last two TOS Crew Reviews for this 'cruise year') .

5. Visit & comment on the other goal planning entrants!

6. Do something FUN!  (Life's been too stressful lately!!)


  1. hi lisa, so glad to see the something fun and sewing lessons on your list. taking care of ourselves is also an important thing to do each week.
    wtg on all the reviews you did.
    have a blessed week.

  2. Unfortunately no Dawnmarie :-(