Tuesday, May 24, 2011

TOS Crew Considering God's Creation Science Review

Considering God's Creation
Considering God's Creation

Eagles Wings
Considering God's Creation Science
Teachers' Book, Student Book and Audio CD $29.95
Target grades 2nd-7th, but very flexible.

"When the foundation of our lives is based on the Word of God, it is our privilege and responsibility to integrate that into every subject we teach our children."
Considering God's Creation is an in-depth general science program from a biblical perspective.  Uniquely written for multi-level teaching with a strong emphasis on relating science to the bible.

With over 36 lessons, topics include:  Creation, The Universe, The Earth, Rocks and Minerals, Weather, Plant and Animal Kingdom, Animal Anatomy (which does include a biblical explanation of very basic reproduction.  It's very tame and the authors encourage parents to continue to discuss 'sex education' with their children that is age/maturity level appropriate.)

Written by homeschooling mothers, Mortimer and Smith encourage methods in teaching science from toddlerhood up to graduation and how to apply that to this study as well.

Considering God's Creation can be used alone to complete a 1-3 year study or with any other science program.  Just select the specific area of study and off you go!  Most of the prep work is already done!

Included in the Teacher's Book is "Basic Teaching Procedure" or guidelines for each lesson.  The lessons are set up to do once a week for a 1 1/2 - 2 hour block of time.  Each lesson features:

Preparation:  Gather items for lesson.

Vocabulary:  Define, spell and use these new words.

Introduction:  Gives overview of lesson and materials - you should read this out loud to your students.

Song/Poem:  Original song or poem which illustrates the concepts (provided on Audio CD).

Bible Reading:  Locate provided scripture references.  Read and discuss verses focusing on seeing God as the Creator in nature.

Notebook:  Concise summary of materials presented in a creative way so that the student can interact with the information and gain a deeper understand of it.

Evolution Stumpers:  Scientific facts that support creation and question evolution.

Review:  This portion of the lesson continues and reinforces learning.  A list of questions is included for discussion.

Digging Deeper:  Ideas for further study, research and discovery.

Plus learning games, experiments and arts and crafts.

Upon looking through the student book, I was delighted to see interesting drawings illustrating a specific scientific subject from a biblical standpoint.

The Teachers Manual is very nicely laid out full of complete information and teaching helps useful to guide children throughout this study.  A suggestion is made to have older students help teach the younger. Hmmmm....I have a student that fits that description!  Could I really turn this over to my 7th grader to teach my 2nd and 4th graders???  Hmmmm....

My oldest eagerly accepted the challenge and choose to teach "Animal Structure" in the Animal Anatomy and Physiology section.

My oldest takes a turn teaching from Considering God's Creation
My oldest takes a turn teaching from Considering God's Creation

After gathering all the supplies, my oldest began by reading the Vocabulary and Introduction sections.  Then he gave each of his students a bible verse (or two) to look up and read at the appropriate time.  

Reading a Bible verse
Reading a Bible verse

Reading a Bible verse

Also included in this particular lesson are:

'Animal Tracks Game' - all pieces necessary for this game are included plus an Animal Tracks booklet to keep track of your answers.

'A Pile of Bones' - Color 6 different arms bones from 6 different animals and match them to the correct animal.  And, cut out skeletons from 7 different animals and match them within the bodies of the correct animals.
Pile of Bones
Pile of Bones

Horn & Antlers - Learn the difference between horns and antlers and show the growth of antlers.

Birds in Flight - Close up information on feathers, unique lungs, bone structure and 'Bird in Flight' booklet.

Locomotion - song and poem help the student focus on footprints of evidence for Creation.  Also included is a place to attach the 'Animal Tracks' and 'Horse in Motion' booklets.

We learned something very interesting regarding birds.  If birds didn't have hollow bones, they would be unable to cool themselves.  My kids deducted on their own that if they couldn't cool themselves, they would burst.  Birds couldn't have evolved from reptiles otherwise we'd have 'bursting birds' all over the place until they 'devleoped' hollow bones....and by that time, they'd likely be extinct!

Amazingly my two younger kids loved being taught by big brother and begged to do more.  I was pleased to see that it was true --- an older child can teach his siblings with this curriculum.

The only thing I did not like was Lesson 6: Rocks and Minerals.  This study lumps together rocks and minerals listing  Talc and Diamond as rocks when they are minerals. Also, there is use of hardness, streak, cleavage, shine/luster, crystal shapes and characteristics in identifying rocks.  These 'tests' are used only in the identification of minerals.

All three kids enjoyed this curriculum.  This isn't your average boring, fill-in the blank textbook.  There's enough variety contained within Considering God's Creation to fit all learning styles.  Aside form Lesson 6, we will continue to use it it the future.

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  1. I love the idea of an older sibling teach his/her younger siblings. My sis-in-law does this with her children, for certain subjects, and it works out quite well. When I read about your homeschooling, I always get a little longing for this type of life! :)