Monday, June 6, 2011

Goal Planning Monday - June 6

Goal Planning Monday

It's time for Goal Planning Monday hosted by Katrina of Mama Manuscripts!  This meme is a great way to plan goals, hold each other accountable and receive encouragement!

It's been a few weeks since I posted!  I finished up the last of my TOS Crew reviews for the year.  They are:  Considering God's Creation and Apologia: Read For Heart .  I also got our Our 2011-2012 Curriculum posted.

I've been battling an ear/sinus problems, so, it's been rather difficult to write.  BUT, I'm going to try to:

1.  Reregister for sewing classes - I missed because I was sick

2. Finish reviews for Already Compromised, Modern History Lapbook, and Sew n' Sew.

3.  Post our homeschool weekly wrap ups!

4.  Finish planning the rest of our school year.

5.  Rest as much as possible.


  1. I love it! You list four points and *then* "rest as much as possible!"

    Great goals, sis, but take care of yourself (how you can rest at all with 4 kids I do not know...)! It's hard to do anything (except maybe vomit, lol) when you're dizzy!

    (I know, easy for me to say - I'm still battling this cold!)

  2. Stopping by from GPM. Hope you feel better soon and get your goals accomplished this week!

  3. You seem to be even busier than I am and I thought I was busy. Preached a sermon on marriage relationships and didn't get tomato's thrown at me by the congregation, built a new website for people looking for bible verses by topic. and posted my usual daily articles on my blog. Sent out articles promoting both websites, and still managed to meet with the believers in the town this morning for breakfast. But you sound busier. God will reward your faithfulness my friend.

  4. Do you do year-round schooling? I was just curious, because it's June and you are starting your school year. Do you do breaks after every 9 weeks? I am sooooo glad that school is out for my 2 kids. My son struggled greatly with Algebra II and Chemistry. Not sure what was going on with that, but I do know that in his Algebra II class, about 1/2 of the class didn't pass. And, my son, up until this year, always made High Honor Roll. But, not this year!

    You are one busy gal!!!! :)

  5. Praying that you will feel better. Love the idea you have for a weekly goals accountability.

  6. I just found your blog through Christian Homeschoolers Taking a Stand. My family and I will be moving to the Sunshine State the first of the month. So I was excited to see your blog. Thank you for the encouragement.