Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Some of Our Favorite Things 2010-2011

Some of our favorite things
Some of our favorite things

Since my first year doing curriculum/book reviews has officially wrapped up AND my 2nd year cruise with The Old Schoolhouse Magazine's Review Crew will start again shortly, I wanted to take some time and look back over our favorites from this past year!

I want to thank TOS for giving me my first opportunity to review dozens of wonderful homeschool items!  Please  click here to see what products received the 2011 TOS Crew Homeschool Crew Blue Ribbon Award.

Special thanks also to Vision Forum, New Leaf Publishing, Timberdoodle and In the Hands of a Child for blessing me with items to review as well!

Here are Homeschool Circus' list of favorite products from a variety of publishers and link to my review:

Creative Writing: Institute for Excellence in Writing

Literature -  Younger:  Circle C Beginnings
                 Older:  Coral Island

Foreign Language: Word Roots

Math:  Math Rider

Science: Nutrition 101: Choose Life

Creation Science: Case of the Missing Mountain

ebook Format:  Kit Kittredge z-guide to the Movies

Bible Study: Raising Maidens of Virtue

Language Arts:  Talking Fingers - Read, Write and Type

History:  For You They Signed: A Spiritual Heritage of Those Who Shaped Our Nation

Art:  Artistic Pursuits

Hands On:  Modern American History Lapbook

Pre K:   Kinderbach

Toddler:  Sew 'N' Sew

Baby:  My Creation Bible

Post-High School: Already Compromised

Family Resource: Large Family Logistics

Personal Favorites:

2nd grader's all time favorite:  Artistic Pursuits

4th grader's all time favorite:  Coral Island

7th grader's all time favorite:  How the Scots Saved Christendom: Tales of Bravehearts and Covenanters

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