Sunday, June 19, 2011

Week of Hope!

Week of Hope
Week of Hope
Today we dropped our oldest child off for his first official short-term missions trip called "Week of Hope" . 

During this week he'll have fellowship with new friends, attend Bible Studies and Worship in order to be equipped to minister to the community.  What ministries he'll be helping  won't be known until the morning of each day.

He's looking forward to all aspects of this week.  We are sure that he'll come back with new experiences in the area of showing the love of Jesus to those hurting around him.

To have a more 'missionary' experience, he raised his own money for this trip by running a concession stand and sending out support letters.

Keep tuned for the results of this life-changing week!

Week of Hope Fundraiser
Week of Hope Fundraiser

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  1. Good for him! I hope the Lord gets ahold of him and major life decisions are made! You never know how the Lord may work....