Monday, July 4, 2011

The Complete Zoo Adventure: A Field Trip in a Book Review

I have to admit that we've grown tired of the zoo.

Looking at one animal after another...cage after cage just wasn't exciting anymore.

Since I have a toddler in the mix, I knew that sooner or later I would have to start visiting the zoo.  <sigh>  That thought did not thrill me until I got my hands on The Complete Zoo Adventure.

Complete Zoo Adventure:  A Field Trip in a Book!
Complete Zoo Adventure:  A Field Trip in a Book!

More than just a guide to animals in your local zoo - this complete curriculum contrasts humanistic evolution with biblical creation.

"Based on repeatable observation, science is a fantastic way to learn about animal life in the present.  But scientists can't see into the past beyond scientific records.  The Bible, on the other hand, takes us all the way back to the very beginning of life, and it gives us a record of earth history from God's perfect creation, ruined by man's greed and selfishness, almost destroyed by Noah's flood, to be restored to new life in Jesus Christ.  Working together, science and Scripture can help us better explain some of our zoo observations, such as why some animals with sharp teeth and claws eat meat (a change in behavior after man's rebellion) while others with teeth and claws just as sharp and strong eat only plants (the original diet God created)."

This kit includes:
Planning Calendar
Encounters with God's Creation
Field Fact Cards
Biome Cards
Field Journals
Hooty's Smart Rules
Discussion Questions
Activity Sheets
Teacher Aids

Besides learning general information about birds, mammals with paws and claws, mammals with hooves, reptiles and amphibians you'll also learn evolution defying facts about these creatures PLUS how to relate evidence in God's world to the 4 C's in God's Word.
"Designs in God's perfect world  -Creation, ruined by struggle and death following man's sin   -Corruption, nearly destroyed in a global flood    -Catastrophe, restored to peace and new life in Jesus Christ."
One of many examples of evolution defying creatures that you will learn about in this book is the Peacock.  Evolutionists say they evolved to have brightly colored feathers so they could win 'the mating wars'.  But albino peacocks with no color are successful in mating.  So Darwin thought their feathers would scare away predators - but they tuck in their tails and run to avoid predators.

As you prepare for your trip to the zoo, you are encourage and strengthened by 7 Devotionals/Looking Ahead readings which include:

1.  Jesus, The Creator - Presence of God / The 4 C's - God's love vs. Darwin's war.
2.  Holy Spirit Moved - The Power of God / Adaptations - God Came First
3.  Measuring Time - The orderliness of God / Who Eats What and Why
4.  A Garden Zoo Called Eden - Wisdom and Perfection of God / Ecology and Geography Before and After the Flood
5.  Fall of Man, Satan and the Whole Creation - The Justice of God / Who's in What Group and Why
6.  The Ark, A floating Zoo & The Lost World - The Protection of God / What's in a Name and Who's in Danger?
7. God's Gift to a Lost World - The Love of God / Stewardship - Till & Keep, Heal & Restore

Chose the animals you wish to explore.  On the day of your trip, hand out field assignments, badges and field journals to your students.

Your group leader can take turns reading data and concepts on a given animal from "Encounters with God's Creatures" or from the "Field Fact" cards.  Each 'researcher' can draw the special features of the animal in the grid squares of the "Field Journal".

After zoo activities include:

Fabulous activity sheets with REAL pictures, connect the dots, copywork for the younger crowd.  Intermediate to advanced activities include using information from the 'Field Fact" cards to rank animals' on the basis of length, weight, life-span, diet, ecological area, grouping, day created, etc, etc.  There's also a section for Creative Arts activities, Journalism and Advertising.  Advanced students will enjoy the activities on Patterns in Creation, Biomes with Map work and Life Science Projects.

Since using this kit provides 'meat' for all levels of learning, I can honestly say we are all very excited to start visiting the zoo again and viewing creation with new eyes, information and activities.

One suggestion to extend learning time would be to buy a zoo pass, and only do 1 of the 5 'At the Zoo' sections per visit.  This way, you can take your time in learning all about God's wonderful creation from the point of view of God as Creator!!

I received this book for free in exchange for a honest review.


  1. Oh, this book sounds fabulous! I need something to get me excited about going to the zoo...

  2. I LOVE the zoo!! If I lived closer to you, I'd take your toddler!!! I haven't had any little ones in my household for quite a while and that would be So Much Fun! :)