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Sabers, Spears, and Catapults - A Providential History of Warfare Technology Review!

Sabers, Spears and Catapults
Sabers, Spears and Catapults

From their website:

God, in His sovereignty, has ordained that war be a constant reality in history. We read in the scriptures that, “The horse is made ready for the day of battle, but victory lies in the hands of the Lord.” The study of war reveals the providential means God has used to decide the courses of men and nations, bringing judgment to one people, and raising up salvation for another. The history of warriors and their weapons has fascinated men for centuries and the Bible itself recounts thrilling battles and the weapons that were wielded in victory and defeat. God Himself uses military hardware in reality and in metaphor, especially mentioning the sword.

During our study of history, it's commonplace for us to take an in depth look at various battles throughout the ages. But, we've never studied the history of warfare technology itself.

Studying this aspect of history greatly intrigued my boys, ages 12 and 10. So, naturally they enjoyed listening to Sabers, Spears and Catapults - A Providential History of Warfare Technology from Vision Forum.

Lecturer William Potter takes you into the very heart of history. Included on this 240 minute, 4 cd set is:

* War, Warriors and Weapons of Bible Times

* Agincourt: Longbows, Swords and The End of an Era

* Waterloo: The Gunpowder Revolution's Great Harvest

*The Somme: Mechanical Massacre in the 20th Century

The first cd deals with the beginnings of warfare and the technology used. The very first weapon ever used is the sword by the Cherubim to guard The Garden of Eden after The Fall. In fact, the word "sword" is mentioned 425 times in the Bible!

We also learn that Hebrew poetry is filled with images of battles and providential delivery and discover the three basic types of weapons and tactics that remained unchanged for close to 4000 years!

Discs 2-4 contain 3 different battles that occurred is 3 different centuries along the France-Belgium boarder. Each of these battles show a progression in technology and method.

The listener is given fascinating information about each of these three battles. Making you feel that you are really there observing the action.

Some of the facts you'll hear are:

*How the less equipped British used battle tactics to triumph over the well-armored French at the Battle of Agincourt.

*How even the use of gunpowder did not take away the need for hand to hand combat at the Battle of Waterloo.

*How the use of trench warfare prolonged battles with neither side making significant gains at the Battle of The Somme.

From longbow to gun powder to the machine gun, Potter illustrates the advance in weapons, and the evolution in the methods of warfare. Many of these came to life within the last 100 years and changed the face of war forever!

Disclaimer: I received this item for free in exchange for an honest review.

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