Sunday, August 7, 2011

Weekly Wrap Up (Post World War I and JAZZ!) - August 7

American Culture and the Return to Normalcy.

Selected Reading about the 20's
Selected Reading about the 20's

Some of our reading this week....
It was a quiet and restful week here at the Circus.  We did a lot of reading, relaxing and thanking God for His hand of blessing upon us.

This week, I introduced Jazz to my kids with surprising results.  They LOVED it!  We learned about and listened to:  Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong and Bessie Smith among others.

Louis Armstrong - "Hello Dolly"

Duke Ellington and Orchestra - "Don't Mean a Thing"  (kids see the 'trumpet mute' in action for the first stuff!)

Bessie Smith "I Ain't Got Nobody"

We also listened to other Rag Time tunes, watched the Charleston and Charlie Chaplin.

Charlie Chaplin - better than the 3 Stooges!

Up next: Kit's World, Prohibition and the Bull Market.

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