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AIMS Area Formulas For Parallelograms, Triangles & Trapezoids

AIMS Area Formulas for Parallelograms, Triangles and Trapezoids
AIMS Area Formulas for Parallelograms, Triangles and Trapezoids

AIMS Area Formulas For Parallelograms, Triangles and Trapezoids
Grades 6-8;
15 Day Unit - 77 page book plus cd-rom (which contains PDF files, animations, comics, problems to solve and assessment)

Comics in a math book?  Are you kidding?  What kind of program is this?

Can I tell you something ----- I love it!!!!  I wish I had this math book when I was a middleschooler.  I was one of those "daydreaming, couldn't sit still and be quiet, wanting to touch everything" learner who would most likely be given 'a label' nowadays. 

This math book is absolutely interesting!!!!

Essential Math Series for Grades 6-8 addresses critical areas of the mathematics curriculum with focused instructional units.  Each unit contains investigations to develop conceptual understanding, comics and animations to relate and clarify the concepts developed in the investigations, and problem-solving situations and practice to reinforce and assess the understanding of concepts.  The Essential Math Series can be used to provide initial instruction as well as intervention.

In Area Formulas for Parallelograms, Triangles and Trapezoids, students develop the formulas for the areas of parallelograms, triangles, and trapezoids. By cutting paper and working with geoboards, they understand the meaning of the formulas and apply them in a variety of problem-solving settings. Includes a CD with video help for each activity, as well as PDFs to facilitate printing and use on interactive boards.

AIMS teaches Math and Science in real life applications.  A typical Essential Math unit includes five components:

Investigations - form the heart of each lesson.   Through guided hands-on exploration, students discover and make sense of the essential ideas.

Comics - provide a model of effective instruction and make the content knowledge explicit.  Students can use them to review learning or clarify experiences from the investigations.  They also provider reading within the content area.

Animation and Video - dynamically and visually summarize the essential concepts.  They facilitate a  deeper understanding and provide a powerful and meaningful memory.

Problem Solving  - activities help students apply and reinforce the concepts in unique ways.

Assessments - provide an opportunity for students to apply their learning and for teachers to determine what depth of understanding has been gained.

Our experience:

I first presented this to my 8th grader who had no trouble tearing through the lessons.   He is a kid that "gets" math without issue.  So, while this approach was different for him, it didn't add to his understanding of the material.  Though, he did say it was fun!

I then decided to try some of the lessons with my 5th grader who does fairly well in math.  It was challenging for him.  He too thought it was creative and fun.  This will be perfect for him in a year or two.  I can also see that my daughter who is very creative and hands-on will love this when she is older.

Regarding the comics:  they are all about business with no monkey business included!  The characters have modern dress and hair styles, but are not provocative or extreme and all done in black in white.  Their conversational style is easily relatable and educational.

As another bonus - there's a schedule for each of the 15 days printed in the beginning of the book.

I highly recommend AIMS Area Formulas For Parallelograms, Triangles & Trapezoids, especially for your visual learner.  We will definitely be using more of their products in our homeschool.

You can visit the AIMS website to learn more about their other multi-level science and math resources at:

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Disclaimer:  I received this item for free in exchange for an honest review.


  1. Looks good! We had the earth book and we enjoyed it as well.

  2. So many things I use with my children, like this, make concepts so much simpler than the way that I learned.