Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Goal Planning Monday - September 6

Goal Planning Monday
It's time again to set some goals for this coming week with Katrina of Mama Manuscripts!
Taking a look at last week's goals:

1.  Continue exercising 1/2 completed

2.  Take care of misc. administrative family paperwork. Almost Done!

3.  Finish The Nip Napper's ABC 123 album. Not Done!

4.  Finish review for Kings of the Bible and Big IQ Kids. Not Done!

5.  Continue to put the Lord first in our homeschool days.  DONE!

6.  Visit the other GPM participants.  DONE!

Well....not so great on the goals, but considering #5 is the most important, I did get that one right.

So, this week:

-Enjoy Sabbath Week + my oldest's 13th birthday + Labor Day + a list of fun, hands-on activities + 2 co-ops that begin this week.

-Continue exercising

-Finish misc administrative paperwork

-Look up and 'study' a bunch of links given to me by friends on a current interest

-Finish reviews of Kings of the Bible, Big IQ Kids and Before Five in a Row

-Visit all GPM Participants

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