Thursday, September 22, 2011

Homeschool Family Question of the Week: Homeschooling on the Real Hard Days

Homeschool Family Question of the Week

Christian Homeschoolers Taking a Stand has just posted their weekly "Homeschool Family Question of the Week" link up.

This weeks question:

How do I keep my sanity on the read hard days? 

Well, it all depends on the circumstances surrounding the 'hardship'.  I do find that starting the day with prayer and reading the Word (even if I only have a few minutes) circumvents the majority of 'sanity-losing hard days'.

But, if the 'crazy day' is.....

Due to illness, we may cancel school and have a relaxed day of reading or watching select videos.

Due to busyness, and it's busyness that can't be avoided, I will take a moment and prioritize what really needs to be done that day and let the rest go for tomorrow - OR - call in some extra hands to help.

Due to our schedule being too full, I'll rethink, repray and reprioritize as soon as circumstances permit.

Other things I've done to help during those hard days:

 - Reach out to another Mom for guidance and prayer.

 - Make sure other areas of my life are getting attention.  Such as:

    - regular date nights with hubby
    - monthly Mom's Nights Out with other godly Moms
     - not neglecting my physical body (proper nutrition, enough rest, exercise, sunshine and laughter).
     - having some sort of appropriate creative outlet (such as scrapbooking, or ahem.....blogging)

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