Thursday, September 29, 2011

Homeschool Family Question of the Week~Handling the Morning Wake Up

Homeschool Family Question of the Week

Christian Homeschoolers Taking a Stand has just posted their weekly "Homeschool Family Question of the Week" link up.

This weeks question:

"How do you get everyone up, moving and motivated in the morning?" Our mornings are incredibly ROUGH!

Since this is a question that I submitted, obviously I don't have a good answer!

I am very interested in how you successful Mom's out there deal with mornings.  Please link up your posts to the linky at Christian Homeschoolers taking a Stand -OR- leave your encouragement in the comments below.

Thank you !!

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  1. I try not to HAVE A morning wake up rush. Part of the beauty of homeschooling is setting up our own hours, being able to live life at a slower pace. Occasionally we set-up a morning appt. and then we have to do all the usual things to get up and get moving. I think knowing it's not every day helps. I do occasionally feel conformity pressure- then I realize, wait, why I am doing this to myself? And I fix it. I prefer to wake up slow w/ my kids. . .

    And finally, wake-up is directly related to going to bed. I tell my kids if they don't naturally wake-up when they want to, then they aren't going to bed early enough! Teens sometimes need more sleep than others- also they tend to prefer late hours and sleeping in- so when I can I let them, that's preferable to me. I don't find that it really hinders 'real life' later on at all. [Except to make them want to be in charge of their own lives more ,lol] My three adult children all get themselves up and where they need to go when they need to despite having an unusual childhood schedule. So I wouldn't enforce a 'wake-up' just because. . .

    Even so, We all have our limits! While I don't want to be forced to get up early and get somewhere on time, I also don't want kids sleeping until noon every day. [ok, sometimes is ok] So, like life in general, its a constant balancing act.