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Unveiling the Kings of Israel Book Review!

Unveiling the Kings of Israel
Unveiling the Kings of Israel

My family and I have thoroughly enjoyed Unwrapping the Pharaohs co-authored by David Down during our study of Ancient History last year.  When I saw that the same author wrote Unveiling the Kings of Israel, I knew I had to read and review this book.

On the order of Unwrapping the Pharaohs in terms of in-depth, fascinating, enlightening information, Unveiling the Kings of Israel focuses on the claim that the usually accepted chronology of Egypt (and how it relates to the history of the Israelites) has been grossly misdated.  When the time periods are redated (by up to 600 years in some places) astounding similarities can be found between the Word of God and archaeological evidence.

"The Authority of the Bible faces a crises.  It's historical reliability is being challenged.  Reputable archaeologists have written articles in magazines, and have appeared in television documentaries claiming that there is no evidence for the records of the Israelites leaving Egypt in the Exodus, for the conquest of Jericho and the invasion of Palestine by the incoming Israelites.  They further point out that there is no archaeological evidence to support the Bible record of the reigns of David and Solomon, and that the Bible passages telling of the power and affluence of these kings are either totally wrong or greatly exaggerated.  Based on the chronology usually ascribed to the history of Egypt, and the archaeological ages in Palestine, one might believe these are correct claims."

There's so much information within this book that it is best read section by section in order to absorb and contemplate all the compelling evidence supporting archaeology and The Bible.

Concentrating on the Flood to Jesus, Unveiling the Kinds of Israel is filled with breathtaking photos and current research on archaeological finds as they relate to the Bible.

Examples include:
*     Arguments that Bible chronology places Abraham in the 19th century BC, but critics point out that camels were not domesticated until the Iron Age.  Even if there is no historical record of domesticated camels before the Iron age, that does not prove they did not exist before then.  It simply means that arch have not found any evidence that they existed before the Iron Age.

*     An intelligent argument for the path of the Exodus crossing the Red Sea.

*     Within the remains of Jericho archaeologists found unbaked bread which shows people were cut-off in full activity.

*     Acoustic tests of the valley between Mt. Ebal and Mt. Gerizion where Moses instructed Israel to gather and have the  Levites pronounce a list of blessings and curses to the people.

*    A retired general of the Israeli army, Rechavam Ze'evy's, commentary on the military logistics of David and Goliath.

*     Evidence of Solomon's fleet of ships sailing from a noted specific harbor (1Kings 9:26).

*     The account in 2 kings when Sennacherib first threatened Jerusalem, Hezekiah bought him off with 300 talents of silver and 30 talents of gold.  Assyrian cuneiform cylinders support this record.

This book has so much important historical information in it, that I can't wait to go back and read it along side my bible.  I only wished I had this book last year when we studied Ancient History.

This book would make an excellent addition to your Ancient History study for advanced Junior High on up  (though younger children will enjoy the pictures with brief explanations) or to help deepen your knowledge of the presence of God's people and the truth of the Bible throughout the ages.

Disclaimer:  I received this item free of charge in exchange for an honest review.

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