Thursday, October 13, 2011

Homeschool Family Question of the Week~Handling Your Biggest Organizational Challenges

Homeschool Family Question of the Week

Christian Homeschoolers Taking a Stand has just posted their weekly "Homeschool Family Question of the Week" link up.

This week’s question is:

"What is your biggest Homeschool organization challenge?"

Well.....for the past 5 years our biggest organization challenge has been making our curriculum and supplies fit into a small space AND stay tidy.

This year has been exceptionally difficult because of the age spread of my children.  Next year, we will be homeschooling Pre-School to High School.  While spiritually and mentally we are up to the challenge, the spread of materials needed to meet all those needs is huge!

So, in anticipation of my oldest needing a quiet space to study and my youngest needing to have 'learning centers' and lots of space to explore, I finally bit the bullet and started packing away some of our library in order to accommodate our space needs.  It is quite difficult not to have easy access to different time periods in history -- other than the time period we are currently studying.

Another thing we've done is to 'upgrade' some of our furniture and reuse the older pieces in different ways.

For example, for my birthday I got a new microwave rack.  (Yes, I know it's not romantic, but I'm a practical person.  And, if it helps make my life a little easier I am SOOOO happy!).  

New microwave cabinet to help with organizing
New microwave cabinet to help with organizing

I then took the old microwave cart and made it into a desperately needed sewing corner!

Old microwave cart becomes 'sewing cabinet'
Old microwave cart becomes 'sewing cabinet'

So, how do YOU handle your organizational challenges?

Please link up your posts to the linky at Christian Homeschoolers taking a Stand -OR- leave your activities in the comments below.

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  1. Oh my goodness! The "office" is my worst nightmare of a challenge. But, we are getting close to tackling it! The kids do "computer" in there, so it is part of homeschooling. For starters, the walls are still painted like a nursery - for the family that lived here 17 years ago! Next, it has just become a big pig sty with unfinished projects shoved over into piles. There are too many outdated books and and floorplan is complicated to manoever. I have a new floor plan in mind...I took a piece of paper and cut up little desk, shelves and chairs out of paper and played with them until I got them in the position I want. My husband said we are ready as soon as he finishes his next work assignment (and he is getting pretty close)...I can't wait! :o)