Wednesday, October 12, 2011

TOS Crew Always IceCream Review!

Always Icecream - educational fun for your 7-12 year old girls
Always Icecream - educational fun for your 7-12 year old girls 

$4.99/month (first month only $.99)
2 months $9.98
1 year $29.99
Lifetime $99.99

Welcome to Always Icecream, the innovative play and learning website exclusively for girls between the ages of 7 and 12.

Ideal for Homeschoolers
A large share of our members are homeschooled and many of the ideas for the educational content originate from the experience of the founds as homeschool parents.  Always Icecream offers fun and relevant drills in core academic subjects embedded in a safe and loving community experience.  Parents are also given the option to choose Christian educational content if they want to offer this to their daughters.

Fun and Learning - "Girls Love Ice Cream"

Always Icecream serves "virtual ice cream," or $coops, to girls in exchange for practicing basic mathadvanced mathgeography, language arts, science, typing, and more. Girls use $coops to play fun games, decorate their homes on MiniWorld, and feed their virtual pets on Pet World. 

Your Daughter Will Have Fun Caring for Her Online Pets

Pet World is an example for a fun game in which girls learn to budget their virtual currency and regularly care for their pets. 

Always Icecream - educational fun for your 7-12 year old girls

Every Girl Finds the Learning Games That Fit Her Needs

Always Icecream offers a broad array of educational games ranging from basic math to geography, science and languages. All games have numerous difficulty levels so that all age groups can benefit. Achievement medals are awarded for motivational purposes and to document learning progress. Try our 50 States geography game for FREE (and test your own knowledge). 

As an added benefit, Always Icecream teaches your daughter basic internet skills in a safe and protected environment. Parents have the option to enable community features for their daughter, enabling her to communicate with her friends on Always Icecream. She also learns to provide feedback to the contributions of her friends. For added safety, communication on the site is monitored and reviewed before it is visible to other users. And, as parents, you receive regular email updates about the learning activities of your daughter. 

Always Icecream - educational fun for your 7-12 year old girls

The ability to type on a keyboard is a lifelong skill. Our Ice Cone Machine is a fun typing tutor. As the student's typing skills improve she earns more $coops that she can spend in other games such as Pet World to care for her pets.

Always Icecream - educational fun for your 7-12 year old girls

Our experience:

Originally I asked to review Always IceCream because at first glance it looked 'cute, pink and fun' for my 8 year old daughter.  After reading the following bit of information, I knew I had made a good choice:

ONLINE GAMES FOR GIRLS - Online games for girls are games that have been specifically designed to meet the interests and curiosity of girls. This gender-focus makes it possible that "girls can be girls" without the fear of being bothered by boys who tend to make fun of everything that girls consider "cute." On Always Icecream, online games are embedded in an online community, making the playing of online games a form of social activity among girls. For parents who dislike online social communities, Always Icecream provides the option to turn this set of features off. 

I have to say that on further inspection of all this site has to offer, I am very impressed with the various types of learning games and the depth of learning!

There is SO MUCH on this website:
Animal Group Names
Basic AND Advanced Math (fractions, decimals, exponents)
Health and Anatomy
Geography (World and US, Capitals and more!)
Classical Music & Instruments
Foreign Language (English, Spanish, German)
Bible Quiz, New Testament, Bible Verses

Though my daughter is not interested in the social aspect of this website, I would be comfortable allowing her to 'chat' with the few virtual friends she has made as they were all invited and 'okayed' by me.

I do have to say that the US Geography game did help her immensely because the "Where is "x" state" questions repeat themselves from round to round (almost like playing 'Simon') .  This is paramount in building long-term memory of the 50 states!

She enjoyed playing the games to earn 'scoops' to take care of her virtual pets.  But because she isn't a strong reader, she did need help with some of the games as they got more difficult with each advancing level.  This did lead to some frustration.

I really thought this website was a hands-down hit, until she suddenly stopped playing.  She explained to me that the games were getting too difficult and that earning enough 'scoops' in order to take care of her pets was almost impossible.

So, visually the site appeals to younger girls,  but content wise it's geared toward older girls.

Check out a Free Trial for yourself at!

Disclaimer:  I received a subscription free of charge in exchange for an honest review.


  1. Well, first off, the graphics make me want an ice cream cone! Looks fun!

  2. My daughter is a bit older and still enjoys this. Maybe yours will return again later.