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TOS Crew Keyboard Town Pals Review!

Keyboard Town PALS learn to type in an hour Keyboard Town PALS learn to type in an hour

Keyboard Town Pals - Learn to Type in One Hour! (available in English, Spanish and French)
Web-based OR Cd-Rom $39.95
All Ages

Keyboard Town PALS Software teaches children the location of the 30 letters, and symbols on the keyboard within one hour. KTP bolsters academic skills, and liberates creative expression to allow children a greater possibility of success in school and life. In effect, KTP becomes the "missing link" between the child's intellectual capabilities, and the technological world around them. There is nothing on the market which even comes close to providing the benefits of KTP. No parent or teacher will ever want to return to the mindless, boring drills of all the other typing programs on the market today. Why use yesterday's method's to prepare today's child for tomorrow's world. 


Do you remember the stress of typing class?
Keyboard Town PALS is different!

  • Children proceed at their own pace
  • The puppets, humor and music are very entertaining
  • The children easily recall the storyline
  • Children will want to view it again and again
  • No fear of making mistakes
  • No racing against the clock
  • No testing
  • No scoring
  • No anxiety

What's wrong with games and drills used by other programs?

  • Games and drills are repetitive and stressful, teaching through dozens of rote, boring exercises. Keyboard Town PALS puppets use music, humor and association to teach the location of 30 letters and symbols in an hour, in a manner that is fun and relaxed for children.

What are some of the special features in Keyboard Town PALS?

  • We de-activated the delete and backspace function in the program since we do not dwell on mistakes.
  • The program may be used in two- ½ hour lessons or smaller time-segments such as eight mini 6-7 minute lessons and is especially helpful to children with learning differences.
  • Colors can sometimes have a soothing effect for students with certain disabilities. Therefore, Keyboard Town PALS offers a choice of fonts and background screen colors.
  • Keyboard Town PALS is the "missing link" between the child's intellectual capabilities and the technological world around him or her. Understanding the keyboard liberates creative expression, offering every child a greater possibility of success in school and life.

What is the best age to teach typing?

  • As soon as the child can distinguish the configuration of letters.

Why Learn Proper Typing Technique?

  • With proper technique, children will spend time expressing ideas rather than searching for correct keys to press.
  • Children will avoid hand strain caused by hunting and pecking.
  • No wasting of valuable time trying to get children to unlearn poor habits.

Our experience:

I had the opportunity to review Keyboard Town Pals with my 8 year old daughter.  I was curious to see if this program would teach her to type in an hour.

Starting with Lesson 1, the program defines Home Key Street as "a,s,d,f" for the left hand.  The row below is called Downtown Street and the row above is called Uptown Street.  Finger placement and keeping eyes on the screen are encouraged.  Puppets are used to introduce all concepts.

The letter "a" is introduced as "Amy" and the user is instructed to "press Amy on Home Key Street" to type the letter "a".

Then the letter "z" is introduced and then the user is instructed to "press Amy Downtown Z" to type the letter "z".

Next the letter "q" is introduced and then the user is instructed to "press Amy Uptown Q" to type the letter "q".

That is the end of lesson one.  Each lesson is short lasting 6-7 minutes.  Each lesson is complete with an animated diagram of the fingers hitting the correct keys.

In Lesson 2, in addition to the keys "s", "x" and "w" the space bar is introduced.  Strangely, the user is instructed to use it with the right hand thumb ONLY.

At this point my daughter is tired of the puppets, the confusing commands and typing of nonsense words.  I'm not thrilled with this program either, but, encourage her to continue on.

By Lesson 3 for the letter "e" a BARFING PUPPET is introduced and that is enough for us!

In our opinion, this program doesn't have clear directions for hitting the keys and the puppets are definitely geared towards younger children.

You can read more about Keyboard Town Pals by visiting their website at:

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Disclaimer:  I received a subscription free of charge in exchange for an honest review.

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