Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Hydraulic Arm from TeacherGeek Review!

Hydraulic Arm
Hydraulic Arm

Hydraulic Arm

What is TeacherGeek?  

"As a technology teacher, I found that we were constantly customizing project components for students, modifying existing products on the market to suit the particular needs of our lessons. The pieces never fit quite right, and having students try to reshape the parts was dangerous and took away from the overall focus of the lab. One day I decided there must be a better way, and TeacherGeek was born.

I began designing and manufacturing my own custom components to give students the best educational experience possible. What I had initially created as a solution to our own particular needs skyrocketed as more and more educators heard about my creations and wanted to order them for their own students. TeacherGeek continues to be a family-owned, customer-centered business with a staff of dedicated professionals. We love hearing about your experiences with our products. Thank you for being a part of our TeacherGeek family!"

 "We sell innovative products that teach students about engineering, math, science and technology while being just plain fun. Browse through our catalog and challenge your inner inventor, or check out some videos to see what our gizmos can do! We offer packaged activities as well as separate components—the possibilities are endless! Awesome teacher-created labs and guides are included for free with each of our activities."

Advanced Hydraulic Arm - Want to Learn about hydraulics/fluid mechanics and have fun too? Build the New TeacherGeek Advanced hydraulic arm. Our redesigned arm offers great reach and flexibility too, this true STEM activity teaches so much and it’s a great induction for students who have interest in robotics programs.

Our remotely operated hydraulic arm allow student to do so much more. The arm rotates at the base and at two pivot points and the gripper slides opens and closes allowing for better, tighter control and the ability to pick up smaller objects. The advanced arm has even more cylinders and components, offering increased functionality and endless possibilities! Run exciting competitions to see who can stack higher or faster.

We offer self-directed detailed arm instructions guilds designed to make learning quick, enjoyable and intuitive. Use our new quick start guild to learn about the TeacherGeek system. Now you are ready to design and construct your own!

Many teachers like to have their students build the stock hydraulic arm and then try and make engineer changes to it. This method introduces students to the basic concepts and methods before they are asked to engineer beyond them.  With the TeacherGeek system students learn how engineer and innovate as they build, fostering the design cycle and pure innovation. Add other TeacherGeek parts and found material make your own innovative design- The possibilities are endless.

$16.18 for a single set.  

Our experience:

Definitely NOT a toy, The Advanced Hydraulic Arm was a great teaching tool and introduction in fluid mechanics for my 10 and 13 year olds.  After my husband assembled the Arm (with the boys helping where they could), the fun began!

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Disclaimer:  I received this kit free of charge in exchange for an honest review.

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