Thursday, December 8, 2011

TOS Crew Siege Machines from Pitsco Review!

Pitsco Siege Machines

Pitsco Siege Machines
Pitsco Siege Machines

Trebuchet & Catapult Pack. Includes a Trebuchet & Catapult Kit and Siege Machines book for $21.95.   Great for ages 10+

What kid doesn't enjoy hurling projectiles through the air?  Why not combine it with actual siege machines and get your history/math/science in one fell-swoop?

That's where Pitsco Education's Siege Machines come in!

Pitsco Siege Machines catapult
Pitsco Siege Machines trebuchet

In assembling these kits, my 13 year old put together the Catapult by himself without any problems.

The Trebuchet was a different story.  My 10 year old started with it, then my 13 year old took over and finally Daddy had to step in.

However, once assembled, the fun really began!

The Siege Machines Book is designed to help teachers and students use the Pitsco Catapult and the Trebuchet Kits to teach or learn history, construction skills, math, science and even teamwork.  Teachers can use this book to develop activities and lesson plans for the classroom, but it can also be used by a student or student team working independently.

Whether directing an entire classroom or helping a single student complete a science fair project, Siege Machines covers a range of math and science topics.  But this book definitely launches loads of fun for students of all ages and their teachers.

Siege Machines Book is divided into two primary sections:  The Catapult and The Trebuchet.  At the end of the book is a listing of national standards addressed by the book's activities.

In the Catapult section, topics include Tension and Torsion and has the following experiments: Mass vs. Distance, Converting English to Metric, Calculating and Plotting Averages and Elasticity (Hooke's law).


The Treubuchet section covers Gravity & Leavers and Force & Motion.  The experiments include Predictions and Swinging Weights vs. Wheels.

My boys' had so much fun with these kits.  My husband and I thought the price, quality and educational value of these kits are exceptional.  We wholeheartedly recommend Pitsco Educational products! 

Check out other education packs, including robotics, alternative energy, engineering and more at

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Disclaimer:  I received this kit free of charge in exchange for an honest review.


  1. My kids would love this!. My husband does all sorts of things like this with them. They are too young for this review though. :( Glad you had fun!

  2. Too cool!

    We homeschooled till high school with both our kids and my son would have LOVED this!

    The reason I know is because not only did he try to build his own as a science project (about 10 years ago) but just last weekend we were talking about what we'd do if money wasn't an issue - and he said if he was "rich" he'd own a trebuchet. LOL. My son is 23. (I'm so tempted to get this for him for Christmas!).