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TOS Crew Vintage Remedies for Guys Review!

Vintage Remedies for Guys
Vintage Remedies for Guys

Vintage Remedies for Guys
Ages 7-13

"The projects in this manual are designed to be parent-son projects and will require your full involvement and attention for safety.  While we provide educational information, always use common sense when treating any illness in your home and don't hesitate to seek professional guidance if necessary.  This book is designed to introduce young men to wellness not to prepare them to be independent in their health matters."

Vintage Remedies for Guys is a 200+ page curriculum which is broken down into 18 flexible chapters.  It can be used in a co-op setting or one on one and is a perfect way to teach your 7-13 year old boys the basics of a healthy, natural lifestyle enabling them to discern real vs. synthetic foods and products on the market.  And, more importantly, WHY they should choose real over synthetic.

Covering topics such as real food, nutrition, wellness, body care and green living, author Jessie Hawkins does a wonderful job of opening the door and setting the stage for future healthy habits using a warm teaching approach complete with hands-on activities and projects that encourage the pursuit of natural health.

I love how this book is specifically designed for their age and is also written at their level.  It can be read on their own, but, I choose to read the chapters with them and then work on the projects together.

I was very impressed at the wealth of topics included.  Some of which are:
Cheese making
Homemade deodorant
Profiles of popular herbs
How to make a poultice and other natural first aid
Recognizing real food
True healthy snacking
Treasure hunting at the grocery store
Natural cleaning
Green gifts

We were able to get through most of the first section which is on Food, Nutrition and Culinary Skills.  Being growing boys, this will probably be the high point of the book in their opinion!  Much of the information presented they already knew, but what they really liked was that it was written right to them and included activities that were doable, fun and yummy!

 In addition to enjoying this particular book, I like where the author is coming from:

"Jessie Hawkins, founded Vintage Remedies to answer the growing need of women and mothers everywhere to have a reliable source to turn to for answers to their natural health questions.  What began as a a small consulting practice blossomed into multiple written works, an extensive website filled with tips and formulas for natural living and more recently, the Vintage Remedies School of Natural Health, which educates individuals throughout the world about the safe and effective use of herbal remedies and natural health.  More recently, she established the new Essential Series through Vintage Remedies and Natural Living certification programs, enabling certified Natural Living educators to teach wellness classes to individuals in small group settings."
I give this curriculum an 'A' and will continue to use it throughout the year.  I'm also considering using the study for teens and possibly an online course for myself next year. 

To learn more about Vintage Remedies and their products for ages 2 through adult PLUS browse online courses, visit their website at:  

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Disclaimer:  I received this curriculum free of charge in exchange for an honest review.

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