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Swan Lake Lapbook from A Journey Through Learning Review!

Swan Lake Lapbook
Swan Lake Lapbook

We've used lapbooks off and on during our 9 years of homeschooling.  My oldest who's very analytical doesn't really care to do them.  However, my social 5th grader and my artistic 3rd grader really enjoy this hands-on-learning method.  Throughout the years, we've done just about every subject  - literature, geography, science, math and fine arts.  It's amazing what you can do with paper, scissors, glue, files, staples, brads and a good guide!

I recently had the pleasure of reviewing Maestro Classics The Story of Swan Lake CD with my children.  It was an enjoyable way to learn more about the music, the composer and the story behind it all.

Following on these heels, I discovered that A Journey Through Learning has also created a lapbook which specifically ties into Maestro Classics' Swan Lake CD.

How wonderful!  I knew my 3rd grade daughter would LOVE this.

"Product Description

This 3 folder lapbook is especially made to go along with the Maestro Classics's The Story of Swan Lake. This purchase is for the lapbook only. Visit Maestro Classics to purchase "The Story of Swan Lake" Stories in Music CD.

In the tradition of Peter and the Wolf, Maestro Classics presents the beautiful music of Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake, conducted by Stephen Simon, with a narration written by Maestro Simon telling the story of this famous ballet. Even if you have not seen the ballet, the music and story will delight you.

The Story of Swan Lake is the tale of a prince who falls in love with a beautiful princess. The princess, however, has been turned into a swan by an evil magician, and only the prince's love can break the spell. Additional tracks about "Tchaikovsky Wrote a Great Ballet" sing-along, transform this into a modern classic."

As I said earlier, we are no strangers to the lapbooking world.  One of the things we have enjoyed about lapbooking is the flexibility to go at your own pace, to choose which elements to use (or not) and the endless color combinations.

Usually we copy our pages onto colored paper.  For a change of pace, my daughter requested we use plain white paper and color the elements together.

It sounded like a great plan to me!!

Upon first inspection of the Swan Lake Lapbook, I immediately notice the very well laid out diagrams throughout the guide showing the parent/student exactly where to place each element in the assembled lapbook.

I also notice that the study guide information for each subject covered is right with its' corresponding element.  There's no need to go rooting through the guide matching information with its' activity.  In a busy household, this is really appreciated!

Topics in this lapbook include:
History of the Waltz, Swans, Crossbow, Music Theory, Tchaikovsky, Ballet and more.

In the first activity,  the student learns the history of the Waltz and via direct links gets to view an actual Waltz and Polonaise.

Waltz booklet for Swan Lake Lapboo
Waltz booklet for Swan Lake Lapbook
After reading the study guide and watching the dance, the student then cuts out the corresponding booklet, fills in the information they have learned and then looking at the diagram on the same page, pastes it to the lapbook.

This continues for 21 activities and varies from element to element.

As with most lapbooks, Swan Lake is also flexible and adaptable.  For the activity on Magic Spells (which is a part of the ballet itself), we opted to write a scripture on what the Bible says about witchcraft instead of answering the question, "What do you think was the spell Von Rothbart placed on his daughter."

You also have the choice on whether to assemble the file folders into a lapbook and paste the booklets (elements) in as you go, or, wait to do it at the end.  We choose to do the pasting at the end.  If you go this route, make sure you hang on to the little guide pictures on each page that tell you where the booklet is placed.

If you've never made a lapbook before, no need to fret.  A Journey Through Learning gives you step by step pictures with instructions!
How to make a lapbook.  Step 1: Tri-fold file folder
 How to make a lapbook.  Step 1: Tri-fold file folder
How to make a lapbook.  Step  2
Repeat 2 more times

How to make a lapbook.  Step 3
Spread glue on the flaps of the middle folder.
Line folders up and press one side of file folder #1 and #3 to the glued sides of file folder #2.  Allow time for glue to dry
Line folders up and press one side of file folder #1 and #3 to the glued sides of file folder #2.  Allow time for glue to dry

My daughter and I enjoyed our special time together -- and don't tell her, but, she learned a lot in the process!
Finished Swan Lake lapbook!
Finished Swan Lake lapbook!

A Journey Through Learning  offers other lapbooks in a variety of genres, unit studies, copywork and more.

Disclaimer:  I received a lapbook free of charge in exchange for an honest review.

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