Friday, January 13, 2012

Learn Our History - Birth of a Revolution DVD Review

Learn Our History
Learn Our History

Ages 6+
Join the time traveling teens as they venture all the way back to Boston, Massachusetts in the 1700's to find out the causes of the American Revolution.

In this fascinating Learn Our History film, you'll discover how the American colonists joined forces to revolt against British taxation and oppression, ultimately leading to the Revolutionary War.

Learn Our History is currently offering "Columbus and The Great Discovery" DVD as a special introduction to the Learn Our History series.  The title can be purchased for $9.95 (plus shipping).  Plus receive "Birth of a Revolution " FREE.  Purchasing a DVD also provides the ability to stream the title directly from within the customer's account on the Learn Our History website to view on a computer, iPad, iPod, etc. 

Learn Our History

Our experience:

I reviewed Birth of a Revolution and a bonus episode about 9/11 with my 13, 10 and 8 year olds.

While Learn our History does a nice job of presenting the facts in an easy to follow storyline, the teen characters leave much to be desired!

Done in simplistic animation, the characters treat each other much like you would expect out in the 'real' world.  There's plenty of rude interactions such as calling one another "whimp", "geek", "stupid", etc.  At one point the bully of the story (who incidentally wears a "I rule, you drool" t-shirt) speaks in a sarcastic and threatening tone to his sister and classmates.  Equally disturbing is the mother of the bully who allows this  behavior to continue as she sweet talks her son who's upset to be stuck with the "nerd herd", "bunch of losers" and "crew of thumb suckers".

The characters' poor behavior detracts from the actual story.  My kids were so turned off that they didn't want to continue watching the video inspite of the relevant historical facts it contained.  

You can read more about Learn Our History at their website

Disclaimer:  I received this DVD free of charge in exchange for an honest review.


  1. Wooow...and they are supposed to be teaching our children? I suppose that someone thought that that was a funny idea or an idea to make the teenagers seem "real," but I would rather have teenagers who are good, Christian examples for my child.

  2. Yep, I got to agree with Dawnmarie. I would rather the characters be something my children could look up to as a positive role model instead of learning how to be a bully and rude.

  3. Thank you so much for your honest review! I was a bit concerned about one of the bullet points I saw on their site that said, "History presented without any bias." I am looking for a history curriculum that shows the rich faith and fear of God that our forefathers had...
    Not only does it look like this serious doesn't include that, we would certainly not appriciate the interactions of the 4 modern time children.