Sunday, January 1, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up (Korean War)

Selected reading about Korea
Selected reading about Korea
This week we studied the Korean War - Causes and Consequences.

As much as we don't like war, what a different place this world might be if we hadn't helped South Korea!

So Far From the Bamboo Grove is a true account of a girl around the time of the Korean War and the hardships her people faced at the hands of the Japanese.  It was a hard book for my boys to read because of the cruelties, but, it made them understand why freedom often comes at such a high price.

Modern American History lapbook
My boys started the next element in their Modern American History lapbook

An update on the Victory Garden
An update on the Victory Garden.....or what is left of it!  A surviving bean plant.

ACTUALLY got beans
Beans, we ACTUALLY got beans!  My 10 year old got something to actually grow in the soil!

We did finish up a few fun holiday activities - such as making a Keepsake Family Heirloom Tablecloth and a 'friendly' battle between two make it yourself kits:  Gingerbread Train and Chocolate House !

We concluded this week with a fun family trip to the zoo on New Years Eve.  It was so fun to have Hubby there to celebrate a light-hearted day and take that forever desired Kayak trip around the zoo!

"Daddy, save me from the Llamas!"
"Daddy, save me from the Llamas!"

"Daddy, save me from the Llamas!"
There's a whole lotta 'llama love' going on!

Feeding the Lorakeets.
Feeding the Lorakeets.  This one was particularly loud and bossy --- I don't think my 10 year old was thrilled with this visitor!

Feeding the Lorakeets.
Feeding a friendly Lorakeet

 The Kayak trip of a 'lifetime
Ahhhh!  The Kayak trip of a 'lifetime'!

Join us next time for the 1950's and Eisenhower.

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