Thursday, April 12, 2012

Homeschool Programming for Your Highschooler-Review in Progress

My 13 year old will be embarking on the 9th grade soon.  He has expressed a deep desire to learn Computer Programming.  Upon checking out our options, the best being through a virtual school, we were disappointed to learn that he'd need to complete Geometry first.
TeenCoder Year Pack from Homeschool Programming

Seeing as though he'd have to wait a year to enroll in that course, we were overjoyed to find TeenCoder: C# Year Pack from Homeschool Programming.

From their website:

"Our computer programming courses are created for kids and teens. Your students can write programs and games on their own computer!

You don't need a computer lab to provide quality computer science education. All courses are self-study; no teacher expertise required!

Read our Product Overview and watch demo videos to learn more!" Windows Programming Game ProgrammingIncluded in the TeenCoder C# Year Pack are:  TeenCoder for Windows Programming for the first semester and for the second semester TeenCoder: Game Programming.
Over the course of this study, I will be posting updates and more detailed information about this curriculum along with my son's progress.

I can tell you that since this program arrived in the mail, his nose has been in the book every free chance he gets!

We are both very excited for this opportunity !

I received a TeenCoder C# Year Pack free of charge in exchange for an honest review.  I'm also an affiliate.

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  1. That's really cool. Nothing like this existed when I was in homeschool! The best I had was typing games.

    He should check out this website: I did the lessons for a week or two, but stopped because I started getting busy. It is a free website that guides you through coding basics.