Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Science Unit Studies for Homeschoolers and Teachers Review!

Science Unit Studies for Homeschoolers and Teachers Science Unit Studies for Homeschoolers and Teachersis 200 pages of fun, interactive hands-on learning for ages 3-13.

Written by a homeschool mom with a Biology degree, this easy to use guide takes you through 20 chapters of science basics.

Broken down into two age based sections, the first, ages 4-7, is a fun-filled, sweet, engaging mix of "real science" and hands on activities such as easy experiments, crafts and stories.  This is sort of reminiscent of a science based "Five in a row".  Topics include:  "anatomy", dinosaurs, animals, insects, magnets, astronomy, botany and more.

In the "older" section, ages 8-13, the crafts and stories are dropped in favor of more experiments, worksheets and deeper information.  Multiple choice tests are found at the end of each chapter as well.  Topics include:  microscopes, matter, chemistry, weather, physics, botany and more.

I really like the layout of this book and the conversational tone the author, Susan Kilbride uses.  Some of the units have a long list of "equipment".  So, you must be proactive in gathering items.  (This would make for a great treasure hunt for older children!)  Most items are easily found - but a few, like a microscope, will have to be obtained or you can opt to omit this experiment.

Though this mentions "millions of years" in one section, it is easily omitted.  This would not stop me from using the remaining 195 pages of the book with my children!

If you are looking for a basic multi-level, science unit study written by a homeschool mom, this is a book you should check out!

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More freebies can be found at Funtastic Unit Studies!

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