Sunday, June 10, 2012

Explore the Grand Canyon with Noah Justice DVD Review!

Many people automatically disregard the Grand Canyon's formation as a result of a catastrophic worldwide flood in favor of the slow process of river erosion over millions of years.  This is because they prescribe to the philosophy of "the present holding the key to the past."

But, using examples of Empirical Science seen at Mt. St. Helens and Glen Canyon Dam in recent years, even non-believers can see the evidence supporting a worldwide flood.

Explore the  Grand Canyon
Join 14 year old, homeschooled, Noah Justice in Explore the  Grand Canyon which takes you through the evidence  supporting and defending a Biblical worldview of a worldwide, catastrophic flood.  Some of these evidences include:  Angle (slope) of sand dunes, bent rock layers without fractures, absence of burrowing animals between rock layers and the irony of a large flood carving the canyons on Mars.

Back when I studied the Grand Canyon in college, I didn't get the whole idea of an ocean flooding this area and then receding multiple times over millions of years in order to leave behind the fossil layering we presently see.  However, a catastrophic flood clearly explains this.  This very well done, illustrated 30 minute video does a great job explaining this concept and others including the presence of the SAME rock layers in North America, Europe and Asia!

I recommend the study guide that is also available.  It's a great tool that has general knowledge about the Grand Canyon, bonus activities, sections specifically on the Colorado River, Canyon Walls, Dunes, The Great Flood and the receding waters plus much more.

Explore the  Grand CanyonI really like the discussion questions throughout the guide.  For  example, "Why do secular scientists choose to believe so quickly that the canyons on Mars were possibly formed by mega-floods without the huge amount of water to be found, yet they don't think the same sort of event caused the formation of the Grand Canyon?"

The Awesome Science Series is one that should be in every home library.  All ages will benefit from the explanations, illustrations and spectacular scenery within.

I received a DVD of Explore the Grand Canyon free of charge in exchange for an honest review.

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